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Introduction to pools-2

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Pools-2 (Producing Open Online Learning Systems - 2) has been approved for an EU grant in the period 2009-2011. POOLS-2 is coordinated by Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza (CECE), the teams come from Cyprus, Denmark, Malta, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain. EfVET has been chosen as dissemination partner with access to thousands of vocational colleges across Europe.

Pools-2 is a Transfer of Innovation (TOI) project which will exploit the results from the "original" pools project, which developed materials for language teaching and learning as well as teacher training courses. Pools-2 will transfer the core outputs of pools to three new languages: Greek, Maltese, and Portuguese

The POOLS-2 project target group is teachers of the LWUTL (Less Widely Used and Taught Languages) in technical colleges. Due to the limited range of ICT materials for these languages the teachers often have to develop materials themselves if they want to exploit the many advantages of eLearning.

The final products are:

1. Pools of online Copyleft symbol copyleft materials to be used during in-service teacher training courses and in teaching.
2. Flexible competence based language teacher course modules on ICT methodologies and development of ICT based teaching resources.
3. A DVD with step by step instructions and examples on how to create multimedia online material.
4. A course book (downloadable .pdf file) with description of language teaching eLearning materials and methodologies

Read more about the original pools project - aims, objectives, and results

POOLS-2 The project brochure is available in English, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Maltese, French, and Spanish

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Pools-2 manuals and guides

pools-2 course book

The pools-2 course book is a supplementary DIY material (a reference book) that may be used during and after the method and materials production courses.

Download the course book in:

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pools-2 course guide

The pools-2 course guide contains all the units that the pilot teams can offer with guidelines on how to run the courses (in-service, online only, or blended courses.

Download the course guide in:

Course evaluation form in

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Course materials

Ready to use language learning units produced by the pools-2 teams

The teams have prepared sample exercises to be used during the pilot courses. The idea is both to show what can be made with the tools available and how to use online resources in classes.

Exercises for learning Greek

WebQuests for learning Portuguese, each of them has support texts in English, download and test them here:

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Exercises for learning Maltese

Text and video linked word by word to dictionaries:

Online exercises produced with Hot Potatoes:

WebQuests to be used for learning Maltese

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Pools-2 brochures and dissemination documents

Project brochure

The project brochure is available in English, Greek, Danish, Portuguese, Maltese, French, and Spanish

Other dissemination examples

Project Newsletters

The newsletters below cover the period from the first methods project BP-BLTM to now. After the funded project period the Newsletters will be continued (as has been the case since BP-BLTM:-)

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Pools-2 videos

The four projects teams from Cyprus, Switzerland, Malta, and Portugal have produced videos that can be used for language learning / teaching, The videos cover different aspects of life, culture, and education in the four countries.

Each video is transcribed with translations into English and has cultural and language notes to assist the selection. The videos are graded according to which level a user should have in order to benefit from the material (when supported by online dictionaries) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Watch and choose between videos in:

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Pools-2 Do It Yourself videos

The pools-2 DIY videos have subtitles in the three core project languages. The videos cover how to produce online language learning materials with a tool called the TextBlender (produced by the pools-t project) and Hot Potatoes. The videos also shows how to make exercises online for free.

Watch the videos with:

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