Pools-2 Course in Malta


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This page has been set up to contain the documents and files used during the teacher courses in Malta.

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Course Objectives

After the lessons the participants can:

  • Teach their students how to make use of smartphones, tablets, and/or computers for dictionary lookups between English and 100+ languages (using the Multidict service Ð free)
  • Link webpages, like newspapers etc. word by word to 100+ languages (using the Wordlink service- free) This is not a simple Google Translate, but a teaching tool.
  • Create crossword puzzles that can work as print outs on paper or as online exercises. (Use of Hot Potatoes)
  • Create "fill in the blank" exercises that can work as print outs on paper or as online exercises. (Use of Hot Potatoes)
  • Create quizzes, multiple choices, and short answer exercises online. (Use of Hot Potatoes).
  • Create "mixed words exercises" where the words in a sentence are mixed and the students have to drag and drop them in place. (Use of Hot Potatoes)
  • Use a free service to put exercises online for students working at home or in classes (use of Dropbox public area)
  • Use a free software (the TextBlender) to create online exercises / webpages where all words are linked to 100+ languages. The exercises can make use of graphics, audio, and video (e.g. from Youtube and Vimeo)

The participants will have achieved ideas about how to use ICT in a pedagogically sound way (not "drill and kill") for supporting communicative lessons

Course Materials

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Links used during course

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Work with Hot Potatoes

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Work with the TextBlender

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