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Pools started as a Leonardo II supported two years (2005-2007) project developing materials for language teaching and learning as well as teacher training courses based on pools of materials for nine languages; Basque, Danish, Dutch, English, Gaelic (Scottish), German, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Spanish. It is a main objective to cluster with other language projects.

Let the pools website serve as a portal to your results. From the website you also have access to Copyleft symbol copyleft language teaching materials and methods manuals that you may include in your own projects.

Register here to receive news about pools and information when new materials become available.

You may now become a member of the POOLS team; like all materials in the POOLS website the membership is free. To enrol as an active member please click here.

Two teachers working with materials development

The project target group is teachers of the LWUTL (Less Widely Used and Taught Languages) in technical colleges. Due to the limited range of ICT materials for these languages the teachers often have to develop materials themselves if they want to exploit the many advantages of eLearning. The final products will be:

1. Pools of online Copyleft symbol copyleft materials to be used during in-service teacher training courses and in teaching.
2. Flexible competence based language teacher course modules on ICT methodologies and development of ICT based teaching resources. The modules will be developed for in-service, distance, and blended courses
3. A DVD with step by step instructions and examples on how to create multimedia online material.
4. A course book (downloadable .pdf file) with description of language teaching eLearning materials and methodologies
5. A website, which will serve as portal to clustering projects and other ICT and LA projects. The site will contain all of the project materials, videos, discussion area and e-mail lists. Back to Top

Needs documentation: In 2000 a survey among teachers in the EU countries "The European Language Learning Materials Survey” showed that teachers of less taught languages have little pedagogical and methodological training and the course materials for these languages were rarely communicative in nature. The survey emphasized the need for improvement in this area. This was in 2002 followed up in a report to the EU Commission “The Training of Teachers of a Foreign Language: Developments in Europe” (Revised Report, August 2002) which in its recommendations p. 75 states that “All teachers should be trained in the use of ICT approaches for interactive use with pupils in the classroom” and p. 79 “More efforts needs to be made to make initial teacher training modules and in-service course content available online and in other distance learning forms”. Back to Top

It is the aim of pools to address the above documented needs by creating pools of online copyleft resources (Copyleft symbol Copyleft is a way to license a work so that unrestricted redistribution, copying and modification is permitted, provided that all copies and derivates retain the exact same licensing) and to develop, test and disseminate flexible competence based teacher training course modules. The course modules, also “copyleft”, will deal with ICT approaches and development of ICT based materials for teachers of less taught languages like Basque, Danish, Dutch, Gaelic, Lithuanian, and Romanian. Back to Top

The project will build on results from a previous project (BP-BLTM) as well as results from other ICT and LA projects, the partnership will seek to cluster with these projects to ensure exchange of expertise and results and achieve broader impacts through joint dissemination

So what were the results? Read the ASSESSMENT SUMMARY - Final Report. We achieved 9 out of 10 in the consolidated assessment!

POOLS members recommend you to join:
Eurocall - European Association for Computer-Assisted Language Learning and
WebHeads - Online Community of Practice of Teachers and Educators Practicing Professional Development through Web 2.0 and Computer Mediated Communication.

WE would also like to recommend that you take part in  EUROCALL 2008, Kodolányi University College, Székesfehérvár, Hungary, 3-6 September, 2008

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August 2008

POOLS-T, which will develop tools for the CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning) as well as a guide on how to apply the tools in a CLIL context has been approved for funding. The project development teams come from Denmark, Greece, the Netherlands, and Scotland. EfVET has been chosen as dissemination partner with access to thousands of vocational colleges across Europe 

July 2008

POOLS and the project results were presented during the TG3 conference in Istanbul at the end of June, among the participants were several of the European LdV national agencies. Download photos from the workshop activities here (zipped, but still 4Mb) or download the POOLS PowerPoint presentation here.

The POOLS webmaster, Kent Andersen presenting the project

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June 2008

The course material for deaf students from the carpenter and cabinetmaker sectors (or other interested in technical English as a third language) can now be tested with dictionaries in eleven languages. To test the system please click on the photo below:

The new project POOLS-T has passed the first phase in Brussels with flying colours. The teams now look forward to making tools for the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) methodology as well as a guide on how to apply the tools in a CLIL context. Read more about the project in the March 2008 news

POOLS to be presented in Istanbul on June 27th at a workshop for the European national Leonardo Agencies

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May 2008

A new course material for deaf students learning English as a third language is being prepared, have a pre-look here
The first version has all words linked to an English Danish dictionary and signing of all sentences.

An in-service course based on POOLS course materials (Hot Potatoes primer and sequence) will take place in Odense Tekniske Skole on Monday June 23rd. The onsite course will be followed by an online course period with final delivery of tasks by August 11th.  Participation is free, but there may be a minor fee for sandwiches and coffee. To register for the course please e-mail  

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April 2008

Jubilation, we have just received the final evaluation of our project from the UK national agency, ECOTEC. Please have a read:-)

The number of new POOLS members has now reached 40 covering a multitude of countries - also outside Europe:-) You too can become an active member by registering here

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March 2008

The dissemination of our online ESOL materials is of importance to the grass root POOLS members, Gordon Wells has therefore placed several teaching units on the Scottish national ESOL website

Odense Technical College has submitted a new Leonardo project proposal with partners from the new POOLS membership area. The partners come from Denmark, Belgium, Greece, the Netherlands, and Scotland

The project proposes to develop software tools that can support teachers and their students working with CLIL (content and language integrated learning) including the LWUTL (less widely used and taught languages).

The tools will convert texts and web pages to html pages where all words are hyperlinked to free online dictionaries covering many combinations of European languages. The application will have support for audio, video and graphics to enrich / support the text content.

CLIL and LWUTL teachers depend on developing own resources (EURYDICE 2005 report "Key Data on Teaching Languages at School in Europe"). The proposed application will automate part of this process and will also enable students to convert authentic technical materials into language learning / supporting units.

The need for a free tool is based on EURYDICE 2006 "Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) at School in Europe".

The need is also documented in the ICC report (2003) "The Impact of New Information Technologies and Internet on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.." concludes: "There will be a shift from passive consumption of ready-made programmes to independent building of content, tailor made for specifics groups or individuals"

The project results and outputs will be used by individual language learners, subject teachers using CLIL, and language teachers preparing online teaching materials.

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February 2008

In the latest of "NDLR Modern Languages’ Community of Practice" podcast series Gordon Wells talks about the Scottish Island Voices project. Gordon talks about the project, his role in the project, and the benefits to those involved in the project and he encourages anyone interested in following a similar model to develop such materials to make contact with him. Go to the podcast

All four units from The Scottish Island voices English series e.g. "Hebridean Food: Cookery Demonstration" are now ready for your use:-) chose a unit from Island voices.

The Scottish Island voices English series with video, text, and exercises has now been extended with a unit about the Re-Store Furniture Recycling Project in Bornish, South Uist. Go to watch, listen, read, and learn or chose one of the other units from Island voices.

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January 2008

A collection of POOLS materials relevant for electricians has been compiled at the address:

Scottish Island Voices.  A new set of exercises containing four units is being prepared. The first unit is now ready for you use:-) Self-teach and self-test materials for learners of English. The materials are designed to help English learners teach and test themselves. They are based on real situations, and reflect aspects of life and work in the Hebrides.

The Danish Safety Regulation Body "Sikkerhedsstyrelsen" has permitted pools to make use of a safety video targeting electricians working with live installations.
The video demonstrates how to work with live installation using PPE - Personal Protective Equipment. Cultural notes: In Denmark all electricians and personnel working with live installations etc. must every year attend a L-Aus course (Law on Working with live equipment and installations).The video can be downloaded from the Digital Area

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December 2007

The Final Report (submitted for evaluation) can now be downloaded from the Archive area

In "edUKation"  (edUKation – newsletter for the Leonardo, Grundtvig and Transversal programmes) you can read about the European Languages Award that was awarded to Gordon Wells (download the full newsletter):

We have now opened an area in pools for videos produced by students. To make room for this new area the old "Schedule" link from the main menu has been replaced by "Students". If you are interested in the old pools schedule then click here

A new version of "London Underground" has been added to the materials area. London Underground is a set of seven units full of information (and humour) about the Tube, lines, tickets, tourists, and Americans!-) Get information on London Underground - and learn some English on the way.

An improved version of the Web Page Text Blender is ready for download. The new version writes code that ensures that also users of e.g. “Mozilla Firefox” can use audio and video in the resulting web pages. The new version also has support for English Finnish and English-Turkish dictionaries. More information and download

The collection of digital materials is still growing. The latest add on is an information video on shop assistants in Arabic, Danish, Somali, Turkish, and Urdu

Go to read about, download, and watch the video

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November 2007

POOLS membership is now open to language teachers, teacher students, and researchers. You may now become a member of the POOLS team; like all materials in the POOLS website the membership is free. To enrol as a member please click here.

The Do It Yourself Videos showing how to make online teaching materials are now online with subtitles in Basque, Danish, Dutch, English, German, Lithuanian, Romania, and Spanish. Go to watch or download the videos showing how to make online exercises for language teaching

The winter issue of the newsletter (issue 16) has been mailed to our registered users, to get one please Register here

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October 2007

iPod versions of POOLS videos: To ensure a larger dissemination and use of the digital materials developed in POOLS it has been decided to make all videos available in iPod versions (640*480 pixels quality). The files can be downloaded from the digital area

The EU funded period of the POOLS project finished with a clustering conference in Alkmaar September 27th and 28th 2007. It was a pleasure to welcome other projects and watch and listen to their results and ideas.
The presentation papers and materials are / will be available from the POOLS archive area

Before the Alkmaar conference the POOLS teams went through the originally planned outputs / results as part of the EFQM control and concluded that all deliveries as planned are available from the website:

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September 2007

The project dissemination and exploitation strategies end visions were presented at a TQ3 conference in Birmingham hosted by ECOTEC. More than 100 DVDs and CD-ROMs were handed out as well as newsletters and brochures. Download the presentation here or from the POOLS Archieve

The programme for the Alkmaar Foreign Language Conference can now be downloaded. More than 150 participants have registered for the clustering conference including several kindred projects

The project outcomes were presented in Coleraine, Northern Ireland at the Eurocall-2007 conference. Brochures, Newsletters and 200 DVDs and CDs were handed out during and after the Show and Tell presentation by Kent Andersen

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August 2007

Twenty Spanish videos online for download. The Spanish team has re-edited the 20 videos and these can now be downloaded complete with descriptions, transcriptions, and translations into English from the Digital Area

POOLS to be disseminated in Birmingham on September 25th 2007

The POOLS partnership has been invited by ECOTEC to present a workshop on “How to disseminate and exploit Leonardo project results”.

ECOTEC is organizing the event with participation from the EU national agencies, approximately 100 participants are expected.

The POOLS presentation will seek to give an insight into the dissemination and exploitation strategies applied by the POOLS project teams. We’ll exemplify what has worked well as well as difficulties that we have met.

POOLS is approaching the end of the EU funded period (September 31st 2007), but we intend to continue our work beyond the funded period, this also includes support to other projects. We have just heard about a new project called BeCult planned to start in September 2007. BeCult is an online multimedia learning tool for young people in vocational training in the hotel and gastronomy sector.

One of our free services we offer other language project is a description page in the POOLS website, read more about the BeCult project here.

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July 2007

Pilot courses are taking place in all the POOLS membership countries; E.g. in Lithuania where language teachers from different vocational schools participated in the workshop Task based learning with CALL: Hot Potatoes primer. For most participants it was a great challenge and a wonderful chance to learn a new skill.

Another workshop took part on 20 June and covered two modules - Using video with language learners and How to set up and use (Web)Blogs. Pools digital funds and project blog served as great illustrations of CALL in practice and brought some fun into our course.

Download the slides used during the Hot Potatoes primer in Lithuania

Download the slides used during the "How to set up and use (Web)Blogs" in Lithuania

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June 2007

The Basque team and the Danish team have just finished a Hot Potatoes pilot course in Donostia. Experience the results here

The POOLS project still seeks to cooperate with like language projects with the purpose of enhancing mutual results and achieve a better impact of these. We have just started cooperating with, which is a project based on EU educational Policy that every citizen should develop competence in at least two European languages. A further project aim is to foster 'intercultural learning through new media' and thus contribute to enriched cross-cultural exchanges. Read more about the here 

More new videos available from the digital area. The total number of videos that can be downloaded is now 325 videos

Pilot courses are ongoing in Romania, e.g. Introductory course to Hot Potatoes, read the PowerPoint presentation used during a Hot Potatoes primer course

Invitation to Workshop Conference 27-28 September 2007 in Alkmaar

The conference fee of 190 € includes lunches, evening meals and drinks on both days and entertainment on Thursday evening 27th. The AMRATH hotel in Alkmaar has kindly offered its luxurious accommodation and breakfast for only 55 € per person per night (when two share a room) or 85 Euro for single room. Nearly 100 rooms can be booked up until 1 June for this special price on a first come, first serve basis. The Golden Tulip in Alkmaar offers the same arrangement

Download the invitation (to be used if applying for visa)

Download the registration form


The conference facility in Alkmaar

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May 2007

22 new Spanish videos have been added to the digital area, descriptions and texts to follow soon.

The POOLS teams now offer a range of online course modules

The courses and related materials are free for our registered users. Each user is offered two course modules in the pilot phase. To become a registered user please go to:

To register for a course please e-mail with contact details. Deadline for registering for an online pilot course is June 17th

The actual courses will be run with an introduction phase in June and exercises / hand-ins in July and August. Final feedback and recommendations will take place in August.

The duration of the course modules and time and efforts to put in by the participants are flexible, but a rule of the thumb is one to two days per module.

Download more information

Pilot courses are now ongoing in the partnership countries. Read the Lithuanian schedule and The Romanian Schedule

May 22nd 2007 Updated manual for the "Materials development Course Modules" ready for download and your comments.

The POOLS teams have had the fourth project workshop in Kaunas. Read the meeting minutes with project status here. And / or Read the agenda.

During the Kaunas workshop the teams agreed on an evaluation document to be used after all course modules please send us your comments / recommendations. The evaluation form can be downloaded in: English, German, Romanian, Danish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Basque

May 8th 2007 Updated manual for the "Methodology Courses" ready for download and your comments.

The POOLS Course Book (a reference book) is now available in the planned languages, i.e. English, German, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Spanish from the materials area

Seven new Romanian videos have been added to the digital area which now contains 248 videos

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April 2007

New Basque exercises online. The exercises were created during a Basque workshop in Donostia

Nine new Dutch videos have been added to the digital area. Transcription and translations to follow soon. Go to the Dutch Digital Area

The POOLS coursebook (a reference book) is now available in German as a Word file or as a .pdf file

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March 2007

The POOLS coursebook (a reference book) is now available in Romanian as a Word file or as a .pdf file

Slices of Contemporary Hebridean Life and Work in 40 English and Gaelic videos presented for language learners. Short online films with transcripts and translations, suitable for pre-intermediate to post-intermediate learners, totalling 3 hours of listening material divided evenly between the two languages
Download the Scottish Island Voices Catalogue Or watch the videos from the digital area

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February 2007

Eight new Lithuanian videos added to the digital pools

The POOLS coursebook (a reference book) is now available in Spanish. Click here to download in Word format or in .pdf format

A new set of example units has been added to the POOLS website. The units are based on original texts from dealing with PLC (Programmable Logic Control). The units contain Technical English and are suitable for e.g. electricians and engineers.

It is the aim of the materials development course modules to enable language teachers to produce similar units

Each unit starts with audio and texts where all words are linked to online dictionaries in Basque, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, and Turkish. Please test the units and send your comments to

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January 2007

Updated and almost completed manual for the "Materials Development Courses is ready for download and your comments. Go to the Materials area to download the manual

New version of the Course Book can be downloaded from the materials area

Four Danish videos from the Digital Media education line have been added to the digital area

One of the POOLS project friends, Lut Baten is organising an interesting conference on Multiculturalism and Multilingualism.

It will take place in Leuven, Belgium, on March 23-24.
All information can be found on :

Nine new Lithuanian videos have been added to the digital area. The videos are CopyLeft and ready to use complete with summaries, transriptions etc.

During the New Year break 52 Dutch videos have been added to the digital area. The videos, showing everyday situations for young people, are the results of cooperation between "ENTER", a Dutch project and the Dutch POOLS team. Each video is accompanied with transcription and also tasks for using them in a class

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December 2006

The report on Lithuanian use of ICT in vocational colleges and gap analyses is ready for download from the project archieve

New edition of the Materials Development Course Modules, now with 18 modules. Download in .doc format or in .pdf format

The 13th pools Newsletter is ready for download Among the news you can read that POOLS together with other projects are planning a language teaching conference in Alkmaar in September 2007. You are welcome to present your project at the conference and of course also to be a participant:-)

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November 2006

The report on Romanian use of ICT in vocational colleges and gap analyses is ready for download The report also gives an updated introduction to the structure of Romanian vocational training

New edition of the Materials Development Course Modules, now with 15 modules. Download in .doc format or in .pdf format

The Scottish team has finished 40 videos; 20 in Gaelic and 20 in English. The videos reflect the rich culture in Scotland and will serve as raw materials during the coming POOLS "computer assisted language learning materials development courses" Go to the digital area to see the results

Evaluation of the pools project and results are open. Please spend 10 minutes on the online valuation form and show us your interest in the project by helping us know how you feel about the results. Go to the evaluation

After the third project meeting the teams are busy preparing modules for the "Materials Development Course(s)". Download the first version (not edited and still being worked on)

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October 2006

POOLS was presented during the EfVET 2006 Conference in Cyprus as a Round Table presentation. Read more

Four Gaelic videos: Re-Store Project Documentary, Re-Store Craftsman/Trainer Interview, Re-Store Director Interview, and Hebridean Smokehouse Documentary added to the digital area

Three English videos: Re-Store Project Documentary, Re-Store Craftsman/Trainer Interview, and Hebridean Smokehouse Documentary added to the digital area

Two new Lithuanian videos added to the digital area; International Day Of Tourism, and I've just Bought a Computer

The third project workshop took place in Madrid. Download the slides used during the workshop to summarize work to be done and achievements. Meeting minutes.

iPod versions of the DIY DVD with a step by step introduction on how to use Hot Potatoes and the Web Page Text Blender can now be downloaded

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September 2006

Screen shot from DVD produced by POOLS
The DIY DVD with a step by step introduction to how to use Hot Potatoes and the Web Page Text Blender is now ready in the first edition. Next editions are planned to contain subtitles in the nine project languages.
The videos can be downloaded in .wmv versions from the materials area

Two German videos have been added to the digital area: "Rockschine" and "Neumühle" - transscriptions and translations to follow shortly

Four Basque videos have been added to the digital area: "Alumnos" - transscriptions and translations to follow shortly

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August 2006

An American English video and text demonstrating a high tech lawnmower has been added to the digital area

Exercises based on the above video and text can now be tested at The text is linked work by word to online dictionaries in ten languages the exercises are developed through Hot Potatoes - total time used for preparing texts and exercises was less than 2½ hours

POOLS to be presented at EuroCall - Date, time and location has now been set as can be seen in the EuroCall 2006 programme:

7th SEPTEMBER 2006 PARALLEL SESSION VII 10.30-11.00 Room G7
Andersen, K. & Mìadhachàin, S.O. (Odense Tekniske Skole, Sabhal Mòr Ostaig) Pools - producing open online learning systems, SHOW & TELL (Strand: Language Teacher Education)

August 22nd POOLS workshop at Odense Technical College. Participants: 28 language teachers representing seven vocational colleges and the ministry of education. Download presentation in Danish

First results from the combined Lithuanian and Romanian gaps analysis can now be downloaded

The webpage from one of our clustering projects "The Web Project" has been updated with useful links etc. Go to their POOLS webpage

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July 2006

To assist our users we have decided to start providing the website with RSS feeds. To make use of the facility you need an RSS reader / aggregator, e.g. the free feedreader v. 3.5 which can be downloaded from:

20 Danish videos dealing with what is going on in Digital North Denmark has been added to the digital area. The videos are made available with permission from Fyrtårnscentret · Vesterbro 102 · DK-9000 Aalborg The videos are copyrighted, but may be used for language teaching. Go to the digital area

19 videos in English dealing with what is going on in Digital North Denmark has been added to the digital area. The videos are made available with permission from Fyrtårnscentret · Vesterbro 102 · DK-9000 Aalborg The videos are copyrighted, but may be used for language teaching. Go to the digital area

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June 2006

First two Lithuanian videos have been added to the digital pools as the results of the video workshop in Kaunas.

Several videos and texts have been added to the digital area A total of 75 different videos to be used for development of online materials can be downloaded with transcriptions and English translations. The main part of the videos are CopyLeft. Several of the videos can be downloaded in different compression rates (small or large files).

Meeting minutes from the 2nd workshop can be downloaded here

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May 2006

The 3rd project Newsletter (11th Combined pools and BP-BLTM) available for download

Pools disseminated with brochures (100 handed out) in Honolulu during the CALICO conference, with a blog of the presentation and reactions available (with a link).

Results from the Project workshop in Pitesti are being inserted on a daily basis. Among the first results available (more to come in the coming weeks) are:

The pools teams wearing the new pools T-shirts. You too can win a pools T-shirt if you come to Eurocall 2006 in Granada:-)

English, German, and Danish videos have been added to the digital area. The videos are copyright but pools has been granted permission to make them available for language learning.

The titles are:
EN: Horns Rev - A wind power station in open sea
DE: Horns Rev - Ein Windkraftwerk auf hoher See
DK: Horns Rev - Et vindkraftværk i Nordsøen

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April 2006

Several videos have been added to the digital area among these are:

4more productions: Portrait of a young firm 
3D Animation Class: A media class
Service Assistants: A healthcare class
Hairdressers - appointments and reception: A service trade class 
Hairdressers - Hair washing and payment: A service trade class
Oliver - Visiting grandmother: From a Danish home

Pools disseminated with brochures (250 handed out) in Tampa during the TESOL conference

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March 2006

Pools disseminated in Italy:

March 21st: Kent Andersen from the Danish pools team was invited to present the Danish VET (vocational educational and training) system at a conference in Pistoia, Italy dealing with the new Italian VET system (arranged by Stefano Tirato, EfVET).

The conference had 60 participants among these were teachers, managers, decision makers and local authority representatives. As usual during presentations Kent Andersen took the opportunity to present pools to the audience and hand out pools newsletters and brochures. This resulted in much positive feedback as well as new contacts.

Article on pools in the EfVET March 2006 Newsletter

March 23th: Kent Andersen presented the pools project with brochures and newsletters at a technical college in Postoia, Tuscany. It was agreed to exchange further information and exercises.

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February 2006

The Web Page Text Blender can now be downloaded from the materials area the program can convert texts into HTML documents where all words are automatically linked to online dictionaries  N.B. the downloadable version is from February 2006 and is an Alpha version! It seems stable, but lots of facilities need to be programmed / improved in future (e.g. insertion of media files).

The second pools project Newsletter (10th BP-BLTM) can now be downloaded here

After the video workshops in the Netherlands and in Romania new videos are ready for downloads.

To download right click the video and select "save as". The videos are available in three qualities:

A practical joke - two birthday cakes a real one and a polenta in disguise  25 MB file  11 MB file  5 MB file

A group of foreign students in Romania discussing food.  41 MB file  27 MB file  8 MB file

Seven foreign students in Romania are interviewed on their experiences in Romania.  75 MB file  33 MB file  15 MB file

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January 2006

More ready to use units / exercises have been added in the materials area Several of these make use of online dictionaries in ten languages.

A new Danish video "Jul i Danmark" has been added to the digital pools area

The video shows a family preparing for and celebrating the Danish "jul" (yule or Christmas). The celebration is typically Danish with no or very little religious content. Watch the video here: 33MB file  22MB file  10MB file

The Danish pools team has also recorded a traditional Danish Christmas Carol, listen and enjoy:  2,8MB file

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December 2005

Several units found in the materials area have now been updated with English audio recordings. A warm thanks to Rupert Dale (the speaker)

An example is a text demonstrating some advantages of Electrical Intelligent House Installations (DOMOTICS). The text has automatic lookup of all words in nine languages - more to come. The hyperlinking has been done automatically through a program written by Kent Andersen (The Web Page Text Blender).

The text is followed by exercises created with Hot Potatoes.

Choose between the languages (dictionaries) below:

Dansk English Flag Deutsch Espanol Romanian Flag Nederlands Italian Flag French Flag Portuguese Flag Gàidhlig

A new area has been set up for the digital pools of videos, audio, graphics, and texts that may be used for development of online exercises etc. There are now six Danish and two English videos available for download  The files are available in: 

In the coming months we'll record videos in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Basque, Gaelic, and Lithuanian (and continue adding more Danish videos as well)

To watch the videos below please right-click the link and select "Save Target As"

English video: FITCH - a case study on marketing and product branding (46Mb) (18Mb) (6Mb)

English video: SYNOCO - a portrait of a marketing company (26Mb) (11Mb) (4Mb)

Danish video: Danish society seen through Chinese Eyes:

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English:

Danish college seen through Chinese eyes

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English

A dentist’s surgery assistant at school:

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English

A service trade basic training class:

Transcription of video above in Danish or in English

More videos, not yet registered / commented can be downloaded below, please right click the link and select "save target as":

The software "Web Page Text Blender" which can convert any text into an HTML document where all words are automatically linked to an online dictionary is now available in versions linking from English to online dictionaries in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Danish, and English. Watch a video containing:

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November 2005

Newsletter sent to registered users. Download the pools Newsletter here.

The partnership is working on development of a suitable methodology for the needed gaps analyses. Two sample documents may give an insight into the work; from the Basque team Marijo suggested possible use of a previous questionnaire (download it here), the idea was supported by the Danish team and the Scottish team made several comments, especially one from Màrtainn illustrates the fruitful discussion and exchanges of ideas between the partners (download from here)

The project partners have started the process of describing a likely methodology course, but the work is very preliminary, read the first skeleton for the course

The project partners have also started the process of describing a likely content development course, read the first ideas for the course

The very large work tasks for the partners can be difficult to perceive. The Lithuanian partner has prepared a Gantt Chart to assist planning the different Lithuanian tasks

POOLS was presented at the annual conference “Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages at a College: Peculiarities and Problems”. The conference was held on 18 November 2005 at Kaunas College, Lithuania: Read more

We have started the process of finding cooperation and clustering partners. One of the first to joins us is EUROVOLT. Read about the project here

To make use of pools as a free dissemination partner of your project just e-mail with a project description. But please also consider other ways we can cluster our efforts like joint conferences etc.

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October 2005

To assist the content development a common core of interview ideas and scenarios was discussed during the Brussels workshop. The first list can be downloaded here.

Pools was presented at the EfVET 2005 conference in Budapest through roundtable presentations (By Sean Mehan and Frans van Schaik), see PowerPoint presentation. The brochures for the conference are now available in

The kick-off workshop has just finished, you can read the agenda here- Click here for the agenda and also the meeting minutes. The tasks that each team had prepared before the workshop can be downloaded here Meeting minutes can be downloaded here.

In the project archive you find samples of work in progress used during the first workshop (click from menu). Some documents (like the minutes) are being prepared, but by the end of this week all are planned to be online.

The workshop participants have signed the Copyleft agreement

Copyleft agreement being signed

The EU supported period has started. The counter for unique visitors up to the start was 56694. The counter is used for monitoring the website. You can also click on the CQ Counter at the bottom of this page to read the web statistics since September 30th 2005.

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September 2005

The project official period has just started (October 1st 2005).

The Language Plaza Homepage, which used to reside here has moved to

This webpage - home of the pools project and portal to other language projects is in the process of being set up - work is going on to have everything up and running by October 12th. You can help with comments and suggestions, please e-mail advice etc. to the webmaster Kent Andersen 

Article on the pools project in the EfVET September Newsletter

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August 2005

EuroCall, August 24th to 27th: Brochures telling about the pools project were handed out during the EuroCall 2005 conference in Cracow. Click here to download a brochure Back to Top

Odense Technical College, August 22nd: The pools project was presented to 60 teachers, managers and a trade union representative. The presentation in Danish can be downloaded here Back to Top

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