Producing Open Online Learning Systems 3

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Videos with subtitles or voice over in Czech

Pools-3 produces as one of the tangible outputs a sequence of Do It Yourself videos based on the videos from the original pools and pools-t projects as well as videos from the Tools project.

The videos are available with subtitles or voice over prepared in pools-3 in:

Do It Yourself videos for Hot Potatoes only are also available with subtitles in Basque, Lithuanian, Romanian, and Spanish


Instruction videos for Clilstore

The TOOLS project has compiled two Do It Yourself videos, these are during pools-3 prepared with voice over in the three ToI languages Catalan, Czech, and Irish:

-One for language learners, which shows how to make best use of the tools and units the project has developed.
-One for language teachers showing step by step how to develop multimedia rich language learning units where all words are linked to online dictionaries.

How students can use the developed units/tools in the best possible way:

How to produce online materials:

Do It Yourself Videos for Hot Potatoes

Hot Potatoes includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web.

Learn about Hot Potatoes from installation to a step by step guide on how to create online materials in a few minutes

Hot Potatoes installation

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Hot Potatoes preparation

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Hot Potatoes Crosswords

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Hot Potatoes Matching exercise

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Hot Potatoes Gap fill / Cloze exercise

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Hot Potatoes Mixed words

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Hot Potatoes Quiz

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Hot Potatoes Help and information

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Hot Potatoes online for free in DropBox

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Hot Potatoes upload to website with FTP or FrontPage

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Last edit: October 18, 2013


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