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Hot Potatoes exercises uploaded by Claire Cauwels

PhraseContext concordancing and textual analysis tool

From Hans J. Klarskov Mortensen we have received the following link to his excellent tool PhraseContext:

PhraseContext link

Writing and language analysis tool for the serious student, researcher and teacher.

Dear friends,

I have just released a new improved version. If you are interested have at look at it at

Many small details have been streamlined - and I have added support for comparison of corpora using Log-Likelihood as statistical significance test.

Unfortunately, I have also had to change some of the registrations details. This means that old registration codes will not work with the new version. If you want to use the new version beyond the 35 days all you have to do is send me a mail and I'll issue a new code right away. The old version should still work alongside the new version.

If you don't want mails from me please notify me, and I'll delete you from the mailing-list. Your e-mail address is not passed on to anybody else.

Greetings - and best wishes

Hans J. Klarskov Mortensen

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From Brindusa Muresan

From Brindusa Muresan we have received some wonderful materials used in a school in Romania. Read Brindusa's introduction below:

My name is Brindusa Muresan. I teach English in Romania in Cluj Napoca , I use computers in class and as far as I know I am the only teacher in my town doing this. I have an optional course called “computer assisted projects” that is intended for students aged between 10 and 14. I use different encyclopedias and I divided my courses like this:

5th grade –projects about animals
6th grade- projects related to geography
7th grade- mythology and religions of the world
8th grade –physics and chemistry as well as history

English in Romania in Cluj Napoca

I have made a lot of materials that allow me to work with the encyclopedias I use in class. If they are of any interest to you I would be more than happy to send you some of them. My students enjoy working on computers and I am looking forward to widening my horizon and also to persuading others about how important computers can be in class. I would be more than glad to help you with your evaluation and with any other work you think I could help with.

English in Romania in Cluj Napoca

As for my materials they are handouts I make on my computer and that are related to the topics I teach. I have attached 2 examples anyway and if you would like to see some more I'll send them. I also have a lot of multiple choise/true-false ones and so on on different topics.

punkttegn Example one (Adobe Acrobat .pdf document)
punkttegn Example two (Adobe Acrobat .pdf document)
punkttegn Example three - choose between PowerPoint version or Adobe Acrobat version
punkttegn Example four - choose between PowerPoint version or Adobe Acrobat version
punkttegn Example five - choose between PowerPoint version or Adobe Acrobat version
punkttegn Example six - choose between PowerPoint version or Adobe Acrobat version

You asked me how I organize the class...

Well, I have about 25-30 children in a class and they are divided in two groups at first. One group works on the computers and the other with handouts and other books and materials. Then the two groups are divided again as I have 5 computers an those who work at their desks also form 4or 5 groups.

Then they are allowed to choose their tasks out of several possible.
For example during the last courses we studied animals from several points of view.
So, we had 10 groups of three -5 groups at their computers and the other 5 at their desks. (my lab is designed in such a way that they can work in groups)
Some groups (computer assisted) chose to deal with the 4 animals from a zoological point of view while some others chose to deal with them from a mythological, religious, historical point of view. Some others ( at their desks) used the dictionaries to find idioms related to the 4 animals or funny/ amazing things about them. Normally, during the second hour the group that worked on the computers come at the desks and the others started using the computers.
Then 1 of the 3 children from each of the 10 groups came to form a larger group where they shared their information (from the point of view they had been studying) and each of the three groups made a final project with a lot of information and that looks amazing and then they had to present it in front of the others.

English in Romania in Cluj Napoca

English in Romania in Cluj Napoca

They enjoy it; we find out a lot of interesting thins and it is a task oriented activity where they also learn a lot of new words and expressions , where they have the chance to speak a lot, take turns and listen to the others (including the encyclopedias).

A sample handout from a class:

A sample handout from a class

Download more ready to use handout examples here:

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From Bieneke Berendsen

From Bieneke Berendsen we have received a link to his very interesting page about Dutch Grammar. Read his introduction below:

I have been working on a website myself: a free (and bannerless) Dutch grammar tutorial (  ). I am helping people from all over the world with problems related to Dutch grammar, a volunteer job I enjoy very much.

If you are interested, I would be delighted if you would place a link to  on your website.

With kind regards,

Bieneke Berendsen

P.S. On my website, I have listed a hotmail address to avoid receiving spam in my private email inbox.

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