Safe Working in the Electrotechnical Industry - Frequently asked questions about the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme


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Who needs to pass the Assessment?

What would happen if a Company or an Operative refused to take the ECS Assessment and was about to renew or re-grade their card?

What is the format of the Assessment?

What does the ECS Assessment involve?

Where can the Assessment be taken?

What Preparation is available?

Is the ECS Assessment applicable to Labourers?

Is the ECS Assessment applicable to Apprentices?

Exemptions from the Assessment

What happens next?

How long does the ECS Assessment take?

What is the pass mark?

How long will it take to get the ECS Assessment Results?

How much does the ECS Assessment cost?

Who pays for the ECS Assessment?

What happens if an Operative fails the test?

How long is the Assessment valid for?

What training is available?

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