Craigard Day Centre

Interviews and Questions

If you were able to do the previous exercises quite easily, you might like to test yourself with something a bit more challenging now. You can listen to interviews with Donald Mackinnon and Marnie Keltie here and here. If you need to you can also see transcripts of what they say.

Can you describe your own thoughts about what youíve seen and heard in these videos? Here are some questions to start you thinking:

            What is your impression of the work that is done at Craigard?
            Are you surprised, or is it what you expected?
            Do you think itís a good idea for the clients to visit community centres, like the museum and art centre? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
            What is your impression of the people youíve seen?


            1. Write a short piece about what youíve learned about Craigard. It could be a letter to a friend or relation, or a short article for a newspaper or magazine.
            2. Discuss what youíve learned about Craigard in your class, or with friends or workmates.
            3. E-mail your thoughts to other learners who have watched the same videos, and start a discussion group about care for people with special needs.