English and Gaelic video produced after the POOLS project

English and Gaelic videos produced after the pools project period

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Series Two Generations - http://guthan.wordpress.com/series-two-generations/
Series three Enterprise - http://guthan.wordpress.com/series-two-enterprise/

Enterprise, the third and final section in the series of Guthan nan Eilean/Island Voices videos, is now complete and online. Click here to get to the menu page.

Completion of this section brings the total number of videos between the first and second series to 150. It’s a tribute to these island communities that so many individuals and organisations were prepared to make important contributions to a body of work that will be a very useful resource for local learners of both languages, and perhaps of wider interest still.

As the Enterprise catalogue explains, the amount and level of material in this section pose a new order of challenge for learners. Good luck!


Series Two: Outdoors

English Gàidhlig
Croftwork and Harvesting


Croftwork and Harvesting (doc)

Croitearachd is Buain


Croitearachd (doc)

Interview: Crofter Roddy Red Tie Macdonald


Roddy Macdonald (doc)

Agallamh: Ruairidh Dòmhnallach


Ruairidh Dòmhnallach (doc)

Interview: Biodiversity Officer Anne Maclellan


Anne Maclellan (doc)

Agallamh: Anna NicIllfhialain


Anna NicIllFhialain (doc)

Cutting Peats (doc)



Buain na Mònadh
Buain na Mònadh (doc)
Interview: Peatcutter Archie Campbell (Process)


Archie Campbell Cutting (doc)

Agallamh: Eairdsidh Caimbeul (Buain)


Eairdsidh Caimbeul – Buain (doc)

Interview: Peatcutter Archie Campbell (Social practices)


Archie Campbell Customs (doc)

Agallamh: Eairdsidh Caimbeul (Cleachdaidhean)


Eairdsidh Caimbeul – Cleachdaidhean (doc)



Constructing Lazybeds (doc)



Feannagan (doc)

Interview: Demonstrator Angus Macdonald


Angus Macdonald (doc)

Agallamh: Aonghas Dòmhnallach


Aonghas Dòmhnallach (doc)

Interview: Co-ordinator Tommy Macdonald


Tommy Macdonald (doc)

Agallamh: Tommy Dòmhnallach


Tommy Dòmhnallach(doc)



Catching razorfish (doc)



Muirsgein (doc)

Interview: Demonstrator Alec Beaton


Alec Beaton (doc)

Agallamh: Ailig Peuton


Ailig Peuton (doc)

Interview: Cook Mary Anne Mackay


Mary Anne Mackay (doc)

Agallamh: Màiri Anna NicAoidh


Màiri Anna NicAoidh (doc)

Surfing in Uist (doc)



Surfadh (doc)
Interview: Surfer Will Lamb


Will Lamb (doc)

Agallamh: Uilleam Lamb


Uilleam Lamb (doc)



Windsurfing in Uist (doc)

Surfadh leis a’ ghaoith


Surfadh leis a’ ghaoith (doc)

Interview: Windsurfer Angus Johnson


Angus Johnson (doc)

Agallamh: Aonghas MacIain


Aonghas MacIain

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Series Two: Generations

An introduction and catalogue, including full listing of clips with notes on thematic and functional content as well as language level, is available here: Island Voices Generations

English Gàidhlig
Children’s Parliament in Barra


Childrens Parliament in Barra (doc)

Pàrlamaid na Cloinne ann am Barraigh


Pàrlamaid na Cloinne am Barraigh (doc)

Interview: MCP Sarah Macinnes


Sarah MacInnes (doc)

Agallamh: Sorcha NicAonghais


Sarah NicAonghais (doc)

Interview: Parent Isabell Macinnes


Isabel MacInnes (doc)

Agallamh: Iseabail NicAonghais


Iseabail NicAonghais (doc)

Children’s Parliament in Benbecula


Childrens Parliament in Benbecula (doc)

Pàrlamaid na Cloinne ann am Beinn na Faoghla


Pàrlamaid na Cloinne am Beinn na Faoghla (doc)

Interview: Health worker Isabel Steele


Isabel Steele (doc)

Agallamh: Iseabail Steele
Iseabail Steele (doc)
Interview: Teacher Catriona Black
Catriona Black (doc)
Agallamh: Catriona Black


Catrìona NicIlledhuibh (doc)

Work Skills at Sgoil Lìonacleit


Vocational skills (doc)

Sgilean obrach aig Sgoil Lìonacleit


Sgilean dreuchdail (doc)

Interview: Crofter/Instructor Neil Macpherson

Neil Macpherson (doc)
Agallamh: Nìall Mac a’ Phearsain

Niall Macphearsain (doc)
Interview: Boatbuilding Pupils Duncan Macdonald & Donald MacIsaac


Duncan and Donald (doc)

Agallamh: Dunchadh MacDhòmhnaill  & Dòmhnall MacÌosaig


Dunnchadh agus Dòmhnall (doc)

Lifelong Learning and Scotland’s Gaelic College


Scotlands Gaelic College (doc)

Foghlam Fad Beatha agus Sabhal Mòr Ostaig


Sabhal Mòr Ostaig (doc)

Interview: Depute Principal John Norman MacLeod


John Norman MacLeod (doc)

Agallamh:  Iain Tormod MacLeòid


Iain Tormod MacLeòid (doc)

Interview: Students/Staff Alex Gruba, Kathleen Reddy, Mìcheal Speirs


Alex and Kathleen and Mìcheal (doc)

Agallamh: Alex Gruba, Kathleen Reddy, Mìcheal Speirs


Alex is Kathleen is Mìcheal (doc)

Family Fun at Grimsay Boat Day


Grimsay Boat Day (doc)

Latha nam Bàtaichean


Latha nam bàtaichean (doc)

Interview: Father, Lachie Morrison (Grimsay and Boats)


Lachie Morrison Grimsay (doc)

Agallamh: Lachaidh Moireasdan (Griomasaigh is Bàtaichean)


Lachaidh Moireasdan – Griomasaigh (doc)

Interview: Son, Pàdruig Morrison


Pàdruig Morrison (doc)

Agallamh: Pàdruig Moireasdan


Pàdruig Moireasdan (doc)

Interview: Father, Lachie Morrison (Heisgeir reminiscence)


Lachie Morrison Heisgeir (doc)

Agallamh: Lachaidh Moireasdan (Cuimhneachan Heisgeir)


Lachaidh Moireasdan – Heisgeir (doc)


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