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punkttegn Computers A-Z . Seven units telling the A to Z of computers with video using Microsoft NetShow. All words in the texts are linked to translations and explanations in Danish and lots of them also in English. After each unit there are several exercises to test your understanding of the video and text content. The Units were created in September 1999 from a CD-ROM source I originally produced to help deaf students learn English

punkttegn London Transport. With streaming audio from Microsoft NetShow. Prepare for a visit to London and learn some English. At the moment "London Tranport" has 7 Units and a total of 64 exercises. You are welcome to visit and try out the 7 units with exercises. However some errors may still occur (as usual!).
punkttegn An interactive WEB-based program. This was my first attempt to write an interactive program for Internet usage. Some older browsers might experience problems with the JAVA code.
punkttegn Planet Cyber Cafe. With streaming video from Microsoft NetShow. A little web-program with video and text followed by exercises. The program demonstrates some of the facilities found in ToolBook II Instructor from Asymetrix. The program is one of the results of my participation in EuroCall 97 in Dublin.
punkttegn Vancouver. Exercises made online from the TESOL 2000 convention in Vancouver

punkttegn Other sources of on-line language learning & teaching can be found through the "Languages booked into the Plaza "
punkttegn Available CD-ROMs produced by Kent Andersen. The CD-ROMs are produced for Danish students using Danish for help and instructions. Euroklasse CD-ROM
punkttegn Authoring Software. How to write your own software for the Internet. A good collection of links with description from Vance Steven.
punkttegn Adventure Game Trainer: Learn how to play adventure games (the classic ones!).

Danish version of Adventure Game Trainer.

English version of Adventure Game Trainer.

punkttegn A vocabulary trainer with a teacher's editor to edit and create new exercises. At the present time August 1998 the program is in Danish. I plan to have translated the program into English in October this year!

In order to use the editor you'll need a password. To get the password and instructions how to use the editor please e-mail Kent Andersen

Download the Danish version of the program Glosetrainer with large dictionary file English-Danish

Download the Danish version of the program Glosetrainer with small dictionary file ready for any language. This version works WITHOUT password!


Do try the Xercise Engine my students made in Java. It has 3 exercise types: fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, hangman and matching pairs. You can design courses with these exercises on html pages. The author/teacher can decide which page the student goes on to, depending on how well the he/she does the exercise.

Look at the demo book my students made, at:

At present we are giving the whole package away for free (for non-commercial purposes), in exchange for feedback. We'll charge a  modest fee for a licence of the upgraded version when it's ready.

Let me know how you like the demo:-)

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A small collection of software for learning English. Shareware and Public Domain software from the Language Plaza. With descriptions and a screen capture from each program.


TESOL / CELIA Archive. Huge collection of freeware and shareware programs. This is the Language Plaza's ftp connection. Hundreds of programs!!!


Language School v1.0 Learn Spanish or English


WordWeb is a powerful free English thesaurus and dictionary. It is the webmaster's favourite dictionary. It received the top five star rating in its ZDNet review and is used by tens of thousands of people all over the world. Features include:

Definitions and synonyms
Proper nouns
Related words

120, 000 root words
100, 000 synonym sets
Link up to MS Word

The program's quick and easy to use. See it in action on the screen shot page.

punkttegn Marking Essays. Read about electronic marking at the address from where you can also download the software:

As more and more of our students' work is submitted in word-processed form, it seems logical that we begin to develop tools to mark and annotate written assignments quickly and clearly using word-processors. This article describes some tools which I have developed for marking electronic documents using a word-processor, and discusses some of the advantages and drawbacks revealed by my early trials of the system. The macros and templates I have developed for MS Word 7 and WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows can be downloaded from links in the article.




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