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The Student Lists were established in February 1994 to provide a forum for cross-cultural discussion and writing practice for college, university and adult students in English language programs around the world. There are currently ten student lists, but more may be added as the demand for them becomes evident.
International Student Discussion Lists (SL-LISTS) Guidelines for Teachers
The ABC Of Multimedia Production By Kent Andersen
The ABC Of Multimedia Production slide show from workshop
The ABC Of Internet Production By Kent Andersen. My proceedings paper written for the "Journal du multimedia" conference January 8-10 1997 at Palais des Congres in Paris
Teaching English as a third language to deaf students. Slideshow from CALICO presentation 1996 By Kent Andersen.
Workshop om informationsteknologi og fremmedsprogsundervisning FoU projekt 3505 Idékatalog udarbejdet i forbindelse med afrapportering af "Workshop -
IT og fremmedsprogsundervisning bilag til foredrag d. 22. maj 97
The Web Page Task. A project that awarded me with the European Label for Innovative Language Learning
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