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From this page you can choose between different languages. The Language Plaza started out as a TESOL page (Teachers of English to Students of Other Languages) and even today the bulk of the "Plaza pages" deals with English teaching and learning. However, this is changing and I would really appreciate hints from you about links and materials for teaching / learning other languages. If you send me an E-Mail telling about an interesting WWW-link + a short description of the site or materials found there I'll book a room for it in the Language Plaza.

When I started browsing through materials for teaching other languages, I found that teachers can learn a lot from the way other languages are taught. For example I found the way German is taught at the US Airforce Academy very interesting, and I have used the inspiration in my own interactive WEB-program .

Most links are still found in the English lobby!

Here are the languages booked into the Language Plaza at the present time (more to come):

Chinese Danish Dutch English
French German Hebrew Italian
Japanese Korean Russian Spanish

Last update: 26-09-05

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