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Contact information for the pools members

This page contains contact information for all the POOLS members both the original project consortium and members who have registered after the funded period.

Enrol as a POOLS member e-mail ka@sde.dk

POOLS members after the funded period

To avoid spam e-mails some of the POOLS members do not want their addresses revealed online. Mails to these  members can be sent to ka@ots.dk with indication of recipient

Kent Andersen

Contact information:
E-mail: ka@ots.dk and ka@faz.dk
URLs: www.faz.dk and www.languages.dk/plaza/ 

Role in language teaching: I am a senior lecturer at Odense Technical College in Denmark. My main responsibilities are teacher training, teaching English and Danish, international project management, and regional management of exams.

General description: I have in my practical language teaching through the last two decades put a strong emphasis on the combination of multimedia and pedagogy.

I have a working knowledge with several computer programming languages, scripts, and authoring systems; e.g. HTML, Java Script, JAVA, Asymetrix ToolBook (Click2Learn), Pascal, Basic, and Forth

I have a working knowledge with the production of multimedia content on different platforms (CD-ROM, DVD, Internet, etc.). In previous projects I have had the roles of author, interviewer, cameraman, photographer, sound recorder, editor, digitizer, consultant and producer.

I am also the webmaster of the BP-BLTM and POOLS websites (www.languages.dk)

I have many years of experience as an external expert for the European Commission evaluating projects proposals, interim and final reports.

My CV can be downloaded here

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise) I am interested in participation in international projects where I can offer a high level of commitment.

Based on my experience as an external expert for the European Commission I can also take on the task of external quality management.

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Contact information:
E-mail: ismailmuslim@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching: i am a student in the university studying in the facauty of education

General description: i am a teather to be but i still engage in adult teaching

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): english and arabic (foreign language)and yoruba.other members can exchange ideas and experience with me

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Contact information:
E-mail: naz_boston@mail.ru

Role in language teaching: I'm a teacher of English at English American Language School, a private one. But also I consider myself as a researcher, because it's impossible to be a good teacher, and not to be a researcher:)

General description: being experienced as a teacher for 3 years, I've noticed that the old Russian proverb:'it's never late to learn' DOESN'T WORK!!! I can't help telling that 40 year old person is not able to learn language any more! Please make me change my mind!

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Level???? you know, it's a very doubtful question! I don't think I've got an advanced level, but the certificate which I got in England last year is insisting on the different. and more over I'm absolutely sure that you never reach the highest level, it's unbelievable, according to English. you eternally find something new in this area:)

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Tijen Akada

Contact information:
E-mail: akada_2000@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching: teaching computer English

General description: Grad of Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey), Bilkent Unversity (Ankara, Turkey), Blommsburg University (PA, USA)

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I am currently teaching Computer English in Faculty of Education in Izmir, Turkey.

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Contact information: E-mail: rorave2006@hotmail.com  

Role in language teaching: I'm a Teacher, I work generally with young adults, and sometimes i find it diffucult to come up with ideas for teenagers hehe sometimes they could be quite so complicated

General description: well I have a few years in this, I'm still taking courses to prepare my self better in my ESL classes, and need new ideas to have a comunicative class

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Twitter is an area in which my co-workers exchange ideas

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Carla Belen Allende

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I have just graduated from college in Argentina. I am curently teaching teenagers and workinf at a self-access center

General description: During my training period I used the task-based approach together with project work at high school. We worked with literature in class. As the results I obteined have been outstanding I have become an eager reader and I would like to keep on working within this framework.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I have been working at high school level for a year. I will be publishing my recent finding and work on the net. I am very keen on exchanging teaching materials with teachers overseas.

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Arnel Ambuan

Contact information:
E-mail: arnel.ambuan@desoto.k12.fl.us

Role in language teaching: I am a second grade teacher and I have ELL students in my class. The challenge for the next school year is the management of ESOL school program.

I am an ESOL teacher because my first language is not English. But I am trying to deliver my lesson to the best of my capacity so that my American and Hispanic students may able to understand my lesson and make a wholesome interaction with me.

General description: I am not so sure of what shall i share by right now. I might be sharing what I know or what I have as soon as I get acquianted with this community.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): My greatest challenge is how may I able to manage our school ESOL program so as to meet the different expectations. What do I need to do and prepare?

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B. Anand

Contact information:
E-mail: anand_b32@yahoo.com , anand-b@eth.net

Role in language teaching: I  am  from India. I have  completed  my  Diploma course in German  language with first rank and distinction. I  find  that  eventhough many  Indians ( software and BPO professionals, Hotel Management and Tourism professionals ) want  to learn German they  are not very clear about how to go ahead. Max Mueller Bhavan is only  in  few  cities in India. I would like to develop a simple  but  powerful  and  effective computer based  basic course  for  learning  German.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I   would  like  to   get  the  help  of  experts  to  prepare  the  content  for  my  course.  My level  of  expertise is  intermediate.

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Mrs Elissavet Antoniadou

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Department of Lifelong Learnin
Vocational Training Center of Thrace “ATHENA”
1st klm Alexandroupolis - Palagia
68100 Alexandroupolis


Role in language teaching: Director of ATHENA and approved consultant for vulnerable groups. Graduate in management sciences, has attended also, courses for trainers, mentors and supported employment. Specialising also, as approved adult trainer by the Greek ministry of labour in the field of professional orientation and personal development. Responsible for the development, coordination and operationalization of research projects, training courses and courses for learning the Greek language as second language, training material and methodologies for trainers, trainees, mentors, employers. Has participated in the transnational cooperation of many European initiatives and programs with main objectives researches about the employment in local and national market and the development of training tools and methodologies of vulnerable groups.

General description: Vocational Training Center of Thrace “ATHENA” is a non profitable organization based in Greece, region of East Macedonia and Thrace. Supports employers, unemployed and employed under threat and provides accessible vocational training. It is working closely with local authorities, ministry of Employment, local media and its international networks to develop awareness, innovation in the field of training and contacts in national and European level. Has produced several training materials for trainers, trainees, mentors, employers, carried out researches within its region for employment in the local market and organized conferences and workshops for dissemination and awareness.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I have in the last 14 years participated in many European initiatives and programms (Horizon, Youthstart, Leonardo, Youth for Europe, Grundvig 2 etc) and leaded many national projects, especially for immigrants (Greek citizens) with special emphasis given on acquiring or upgrading Greek language skills, trying to integrate them into society, who either do not speak Greek, or just rudimentary Greek or require upgrading of their Greek language skills. This is due to historical, ethnic or migration reasons.

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Tuula Asikainen

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I have been involved in CLIL since the early 1990s. My involvement has been both practical and research-oriented. Moreover, I have been a teacher trainer in CLIL since the mid 1990s in national and international contexts, and have participated in most of the major CLIL conferences in Europe.

Currently I am coordinating CLIL Cascade Network (CCN) - a Key Activity 2 (Languages) project with EU-funding for 2007-2010. CCN aims to bring together all national and regional CLIL networks in Europe in order to strengthen the position of CLIL. The CCN flagship - CCN Platform - will be launched in the CLIL Fusion conference 24-25 October 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia.

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Leila Babibi

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk 

Role in language teaching: French teacher

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Wendy Bach

Contact information:
E-mail: wabach@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching: ESL TEacher (China)

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Riet Blair

Contact details to follow soon

Uo van den Branden

Contact information:
E-mail: yovandenbranden@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching: I am a teacher French in secondary school with commercial business French

General information: I teach French in secondary school in Brussels and was interested in the journey in Brussels of European day of languages.

Expertise and exchange of ideas: expertise in commercial French

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Hans Bruin

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk 

Role in language teaching: Hans (1964) studied languages at the Amsterdam University, hoping it would be useful when travelling around the world. He got as far as Hoorn, where he was asked to give some courses in English to potential school drop outs. He never left.

His school grew from a mere 200 students to what the Horizon College is today. One of Hollands largest and most outstanding regional colleges, with over 17,000 students, located in Hoorn, Alkmaar and Purmerend.

Hans now teaches all levels at the Business Department and sets up foreign exchange programmes for students and colleagues. He was happy to participate in the POOLS project, and being inspired by colleagues from all over europe.

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Jurian Bruin

Contact information: E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk 

Role in language teaching: English teacher

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José Luis Cabello

Contact information:
E-mail: jlcabello@gmail.com

Url: http://englishteachinglab.blogspot.com/

Role in language teaching: English teacher, Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria "Alfonso Moreno", Brunete (Madrid). Working in teacher training at Centro Regional de Innovación y Formación "Las Acacias" (Madrid) last year.

General description
: I think ICT integration and digital literacy development is very important for schools. Project based learning and collaboration in communities of practice should be fostered by teachers.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Some experience with Moodle, Ning, blogging (Blogger, Wordpress), bookmarking (Delicious), Twitter.

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Antonia Veneranda de Carvalho

Contact information:
E-mail: antoniacarvalhov@hotmail.com  

Role in language teaching: Teacher student

General description: I'm a Brazilian teacher, I worked in a public school at Brazil and now I started study again, opportunity in that knew about others teaching and learning methods, included CALL, TBL. I'd like to introduced new materials in the classroom and really help my students to learn English, at the same time wait to learn too, because I never was in no conditions to study English through language school.

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Neva Cebron

Contact information:
E-mail: neva.cebron@guest.arnes.si

Url: www.2cbc.net

Role in language teaching: I am a teacher at tertiary level, therefore mainly dealing with adult learning issues in the field of ESP. I find your platform very useful and hope to use it profitably and contribute to its various strands adding tips from my own teaching experience.

General description
: Apart from the CCBC project, which was started as an LdV funded project but extended far beyond its official running dates, I also engage in corpus linguistics and try to use insights from my research to improve teaching methods and materials for my ESP classes (anthropologists and geographers).

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): The CCBC project runs in autumn every year and all interested teachers are welcome to join in by sending in the application form (that can be found on the CCBC web page) and then work with us in this virtual business environment.

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Pimporn Chandee

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I am a senior lecturer for the program MA in English Language Teaching. I have been teaching the following courses: Language Teaching Methodology, English for Specific PUrposes, Testing and Assessment, Research Methodology, Academic writing and English foundation courses.
I also supervise theses in different areas of language teaching.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I have knowledge in syllabus design, testing and assessment, langauge teaching methodology, corpus linguistics and am generally interested in teaching English to speakers of other languages. I am also interested in and use media in my foundation classes.

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Rolando Cowo

Contact information:
E-mail: rcowo@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching: I am a teacher student presently

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Pascal Craeye

Contact information:
E-mail: pascal@klascement.net
Website: http://www.klascement.net 

Role in language teaching: Project coordinator ASPECT-project (aspect.eun.org) at KlasCement.net (www.klascement.net); Flemish portal for exchanging user generated learning objects.

General description: I have been teaching for more than 20 years, mostly sciences, at secondary schools and universtity college (teacher training).

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Experience in connecting databases of learning objects.

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Bunyamin Erdogan

Contact information:
E-mail: erdoganbunyamin@yahoo.com 
URL: www.burckoleji.com  

Role in language teaching
: I'm an english teacher and also the head of f. languages department at a private school in Istanbul, Turkey

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Mehmet Eryilmaz

Contact information:
E-mail: eryilmazmhmt@gmail.com 

Role in language teaching
: I'm a reseacher, I research how to learn and teach a new language as a second one

General description: I prepeared a book for arabic language-contains 4 books

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I have experience about Arabic, english and turkish language

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Dr Don MacFarlane

Contact information:
E-mail: donmac@doctors.org.uk
URL: http://westernisles.wordpress.com

Role in language teaching
: As administrator of the Western Isles Rootsweb site, I find that many of the visitors are from North America and had through generations susatiined an interest in things Gaelic.

General description: Attached is a synopsis of my ideas which may give the general drift.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): To explore the place of ethnic language in sustaining connectedness with a person's roots for descendants who are second- or-more generations displaced from place of origin.

Own background is:

PhD in Identity Theory
MSc in Social Research Methods
Amateur historian of Irish and Hebridean history 1800-1850.

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Monique Fijnaut

Contact information:
E-mail: monique.fijnaut@horizoncollege.nl

Role in language teaching: I am a Dutch teacher of Dutch as a second language and of English.

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Carolina Fusetti

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I'm an English teacher for 12 years.
Nowadays my husband and I own a Language School in Brazil with 300 students, and I also teach kids (4-10 years old) in a private school in my city.

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Veronica Gilhooly

Contact information:
E-mail: veronica.gilhooly@thelanguagemenu.com
Phone: +358 50 531 1453
URL: www.thelanguagemenu.com

Role in language teaching: Teacher of Swedish and English, owner of a language school and translation office

General description: Author of the e-book Kortkul och ordskatter (how to use flashcards in the classroom) in Swedish, the English version will be available 2010
see and download http://www.scribd.com/doc/6338226/Fun-with-flashcards-Kortkul-och-Ordskatter
Co-Author of the book " A diary of a student in Swedish (will be available in 2010 in both Swedish and English)

Sharing material on scribd.com ( see my profile and some material available http://www.scribd.com/Veronica%20Gilhooly )

Partner in the project Language on the Move http://move-language.eu/index.php/pageid/455

Partner in a project with Svenska kulturfonden in the project flashcards and a second one to start isummer 2009 making a website on healthcare in Swedish for foreign nurses

Partner in a project to make Danish teaching material with The Finland-Denmark cultural center

Partner in a project to make Norwegian teaching material with The Finland-Norway cultural center

Lectures and workshops on how to use flashcards in the classroom

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Material creation in different laguages, the possibility to co-operate in other language related projects

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Malik Gafoor

Contact information:
E-mail: malik_gafoor@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching:
i work as a ESL teacher and as a teachers trainer for the state government and also work as IT@SCHOOL project and research on computational linguistics

General description: i have associated as a state and district resource group for teachers trainer and as a researching scholar in computational linguistics i have also attended a 10 day workshop on CALT (Computer Aided Language Teaching)

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):  CALT; CALL: ESL: EFL

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S. Gandhimathi

Contact information:
E-mail: emugandhi@rediffmail.com  gandhimathi@kongu.ac.in

Role in language teaching: A teacher-- researcher in the filed of ELT--ESP. 

General description: Teaching isa creative art wherein the practitioner has to be careful about the choice of word and meaning for a specific situation. This creativity can be improved through individual inquisition and group experience.

I am a lecturer in Kongu Engineering College, Erode, Tamilnadu, India and am excellent in adopting relevant classroom techniques.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):  an outline experience in English for speciifc purpose: Have a year experience in research in the field of ELT--ESP. Published an article in a national journal. Published six papers in national conferences. Have received the feedback from an international journal for a paper meant for publication. Explore the pschye of language learners and am arriving at various classroom methods. Working on poems and have produced some poems at first insight.

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Maite Garicano

Contact information:
E-mail: mgaricano@yahoo.es 

Phone:00 34 943 31 69 00
Address: Cebanc-Cdea, Berio Pasealekua 50, 20018 Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

Role in language teaching:Maite Garicano was born in San Sebastián in the Basque Country (Spain). She got her degree in English Language at Deusto University (Basque Country). She brings some 25 years teaching experience in the field of languages in a wide range of vocational areas such as Computing, Tourism and Business at the Vocational Qualification Training College, Cebanc-Cdea. She formally holds positions within the Faculty of Chemistry and Nursing in the Basque Country.

General description: She has been involved in the development of innovative learning methodologies associated with language development and has participated in a number of European Language Projects over the years.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):  She is a firm believer in the need to promote the use of minority languages in an age of globalisation.

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Ramazan Gochtu

Contact information:
E-mail: ramazangoctu@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching: Teacher of English

General description: if you mind suggesting me good websites which informs all new methods styles or interesting things about teaching English.

Ramazan Gochtu
teacher of english

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Lee Goldberg

Contact information:
E-mail: leybl_goldberg@yahoo.com
Leybl_Goldberg (Skype, PalTalk)
Url: www.groups.yahoo.com/yidish-loshn

Role in language teaching: Language teacher in adult education; also perennial language learn

General description: I'm interested in creating contextualized written exercises and learning to conduct structured conversation practice more effectively. I don't know anything about the POOLS approach yet, so I don't know what kind of comment would be helpful.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I'm interested in learning to write computer-based language-instruction software and in providing more help for student readers (clickable definitions, audio files, etc.).

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Catriona Grigg

Contact information:
E-mail: Please mail the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I've just started teaching entry level Gaelic (Scottish) at a local learning centre. The class lasts two hours one day per week.
I'm making up my teaching materials based on what worked for me!

General description: I'm basing my teaching on speech and giving the students handouts on the materials covered so they can concentrate on the exercises rather than spend time writing.
We're only coming to week 5 of the class so it's early days yet. I'm trying to show patterns of how the language works rather than have disjointed information.

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Shirley C. Harris

Contact information:
E-mail: sharris@york.k12.sc.us

Role in language teaching: I teach adult learners who range in age from 17 to 60+ and who have language skills ranging from elementary to tenth grade.

General description: I am a retired teacher / library media specialist (31 years) who has been teaching adult learners for two years.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Adult learners - intermediate level of expertise

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César Hernández

Contact information:
E-mail: chicharo63777@yahoo.com.ar

Role in language teaching: I'm an English teacher teaching in South America. I'm searching about teaching methods to improve my teaching methodology. I would like to know and to manage those methods you may share with me.

General description
: Video teaching and even cyber through a PC screen teaching is great but all of the sites I've visited charge some amount of money to know what I'm searching for. ising flash cards is the method I'm usisng to teach English because an image can say more than a thousand words in order to explain what I'm teaching.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):  I have not much different experiences to share. I would love to find someone to share with me his experiences and ideas to improve my teaching skills. In fact I'm in a very low level.

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Angeles Hernandez

Contact information:
E-mail: aherna19@enebro.pntic.mec.es
Url: http://www.angeleshernandez.wordpress.com

Role in language teaching: I teach English to adult students

General description
: I have been involved in some language exchange programmes and University research.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): 
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Web 2.0.

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Michael Hilsinger

Contact information:
E-mail: michaelh@wildblue.net

Role in language teaching:
I Teach English in Costa Rica. Most of my students are business people that I coach on a 1-to-1 basis. Most are at an avanced level that need help with pronunciation and conversation.

I use a variety of teaching material and Media.

General description: Costa Rica has a shortage of native English speakers and with the recent passage of CAFTA (Central American Free Trade Act) the need for teachers is even greater.
Many multi-national companies are choosing to locate a base of operations here and are having a difficult time finding enough qualified English speakers in the labor pool.
Although English is taught in the public school system here, the teachers themselves are under qualified to teach the language. There are approxamately 4,500 teachers here that require training as well.
I prefer to teach adult learners with an emphasis on business English. I work with each student at least two times a week in two hour sessions. In many cases the students themsleves supply the learning material from their business field i.e. legal contracts, sales materials, business reports, etc. I utilize role-play learning and scripted dialogues just to name a few.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):  I Would appreciate any and all suggestions in teaching adult learners of Business English.

I have found the internet to be a great source of material specially in playing web-cast of news and entertainment items to help my students hone their listening skills and to pick up additional vocabulary and idioms.

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Anton Hinkov

Contact information:
E-mail: tonihink@abv.bg
Skype : tonihink

Role in language teaching:
My name is Anton 36 y. / m. from Bulgaria, using nowadays english, spanish and german in my daily correspondence with company's partners all over the world.Gaining and sharing more experience in the field of languages as well as learning danish will be my current task which i m glad to be devoted to in this web site.

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Frank van 't Hoog

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Contact information:
E-mail: frank.vanthoog@ntu.edu.sg

Role in language teaching: I'm a language coordinator at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. I teach French and German. I'm very interested in the possibilities of e-learning and open content for language teaching and in the consequences of these developments on language teaching methodology.

General description: I'm interested in the possibilities of blended learning for the teaching of foreign languages. I want to learn about the issues involved in the evolving practices of blended learning and open content. I think online tools and resources should be an integrated part in language courses.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): In my school, we use an elaborate version of Blackboard. I would like to optimise it's use for language teaching. However, this will have an effect on the organisation and the pedagogical approach.
I see it as a valuable tool to cater to different learning styles and to optimise the language teaching process.

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Cetin Ilin

Contact information:
E-mail: cetinilin@cu.edu.tr  , cetinilin@hotmail.com  (messenger)
Url: www.cu.edu.tr , http://adanamyo.cu.edu.tr

Role in language teaching: Teaching English in real classes and virtual classes using a platform for e-learners.

General description: On-line language teaching and English for Specific Purpose

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): On-line language teaching and English for Specific Purpose, especially for the students enrolled in Computer Technologies, Textile, Cooling/Heating and Accounting Programs in Vocational School of Higher Education.

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Maria Jose Irastorza

Contact information:
E-mail: mjirastorza@cebanc.com

Role in language teaching: I am María José Irastorza and I am born in San Sebastián in the Basque Country (Spain). I have degrees in French and Basque Languages at University and I teach at the Vocational Qualification Training College, Cebanc-Cdea, since 1981. At the present time I teach French and Basque and I represent my institution on the Basque Normalisation Committee seeking to reinforce the use of the Basque Language in a bi-lingual learning environment. In addition I bring experience of working in partnership and collaboration across Europe through a number of EC Community Action programmes.

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Katrin Overgoor Ivarsson

Contact information:
E-mail: k.overgoor@betuwe.net
Skype: Katrin Overgoor

Role in language teaching: I  am a teacher of English at a vocational school in The Netherlands, ROC A12 in Velp.

I also study for my Master "New technology and Language Learning".

And I give business English once a week.

General description: I love making teaching material.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I use the Net a lot, which of course has a lot to do with my study. Compared with a lot of teachers I dare say that my level of expertise is quite high.

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Omer Bilal Karakaya

Contact information:
E-mail: obkarakaya@hotmail.com  

Role in language teaching
: I am a teacher of English in Turkey. I use sketches / idioms, proverbs in classes. Students speak and ask questions to the audience.

General description
: We can play sketches to act out about about idioms or proverbs in the classes . Afterwards we ask from the students . They try to know the right one according to the play. So there would be real dialogue between players and audiences.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): We can make my project in a mutual way. In the project  players ask questions so we let the all students involve this activities.
You can act with one of your proverb or idiom in a small sketch . After the play . You will show a few proverbs on the charts. Our students will try to find the right proverb & idiom that your students acted. So we can exchange the cultural experiences.

Download an example from one of my lessons

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Janine Knight

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: Janine Knight works at the University Internacional de Catalunya in Barcelona. She is the teacher for autonomous language learning and runs the Self Access Centre for languages.

After 15 years of teaching and managing a support and language centre in the UK (Further and Higher Education), she is now living and working in Spain.

Interests and research includes Vocational Education and Training and IESOL in Spain, flexible learning modalities and autonomous learning, using multimedia resources in the language 'classroom'. Recent research includes The Bologna Process and 'the language challenge' with respect to UIC.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Devising autonomous learning 'guides' for learners at universities.

Utilising existing free internet based resources for the multimedia language centre.

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Ton Koenraad

Contact information:
E-mail: ton.koenraad@hu.nl

Website: www.koenraad.info

Role in language teaching: CPD-trainer, researcher, consultant

General description: In the ViTAAL project we are currently experimenting with using 3D virtual worlds for (preparation of) language assessments.
For more information see/listen to this presentation:

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): As soon as we have evaluated our pilot for Vocational Education with the Amsterdam ROC we hope to be able to invite colleagues to try our materials and help further develop our ideas and content.

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Bharat Kumar

Contact information:
E-mail: babbal729@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching:
I am faculty from india and related to computr field and some worls on punjabi and hindi language and want to joiin your course after some time

General description: More information later

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Punabi, Hindi, social justice, discrination, , cricket , politics

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Ito Lawputra

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: i am an english teacher in here. in my office, called English Language Centre, i also play a role as a teaching coordinator. by joining with this POOLS team, i hope to not only improve my teaching skills, but i can get to share a lot of experience with other professionals. at the moment, because i live in Indonesia, and i am looking forward any opportunity to travel and maybe look for more experience overseas...i am trying to develop some programs for improving the quality of teaching, such as designing a more interactive teaching materials, exercise papers, and even video learning..so i believe that this website will give me a lot of benefits and most of all, inspire all of us...thanx

General description: like i said before, i'm now developing ideas for teaching...i wish to provide more valuable and attractive teaching materials that can be suitable for all learners....even less boring than having to read a textbook or just talking to the instructor (which means i will need more multimedia files)

i am thinking about :

1. making a lot of competition in the class so that the students will be motivated to do more...with rewards for the best performance of course..

2. working a video learning based system. in here i am trying to gather more short video clips that will make the even more interactive learning process goes unique. the students can even be more eager to learn by seeing the original native speakers sharing some stories or giving exercises about any kind of topic but via videoclips. all the instructor has to do in the class is to guide the learners to move one step forward.

--why this way ? because i live in a country in asia continent. and most people need a model who they can learn from..not that the asian ourselves cannot provide them with qualified teaching..but the main point is they need someone who is more of the origin of the language that they are about to learn from...

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): i will always wait for your share of ideas and suggestions or any questions...

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Frank Leeding

Contact information:
E-mail: fleeding@hotmail.com
URL: http://art-squeek.angelfire.com

Role in language teaching
: Hi ho, Franklin Ace - Decimal Point Detective here!

Just getting going (once again - approaching prince-wise) the glass hill called "Java programming". Mainly an old assembly (nx8080) and C programmer. Really *loving* java - after all those probs trying to learn C++(mainly learning the MFC library - sheesh!). Loved the Straustrip ??sp?? book back in the '80's ..

I mainly (still) work at a very low level; eg, directory/file utilities, pipeline programs (what we all used to do in DOS or unix of course).

More later.

General description: Classically trained as a scientist (mainly physics and chemistry - and i was actually v. good in laboratory work - but that might be that i love to cook - making a batch of anhydrous Ethanol - just a new way to cook a cake, etc. ;) and scholar (arts & humanities).

These days, going through the teacher training and such. Working on YAD (yet another degree) - the so-called MALT (M/A's in Learning and Technology).

vids, art history, sound mixing/design, etc.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): C (real-time, tiny c, "everything is just text -- even if it *is* binary coded decimal, hex codes, etc)...

And so, how do i make a graphic of plants and how they grow????

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Flemming Lerbæk

Contact information:
E-mail: fl@ots.dk
URL: http://ecenter.ots.dk  

Role in language teaching
: Project manager in the elearning centre at OTS I started the centre to help teachers to use and make educational material that involves CBT. We can support projects with equipment, manpower and software. And we often participate in the manual process.
The centre works fore OTS and for other Danish educational institutions. We also work on International projects like POOLS.
Our main competences are video, 3D and interactive materials done with programmes like Flash.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): We are open for participation in International and local projects. Just contact us or our International department at OTS.

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Ann Van Loo

Contact information:
E-mail: vloa@telenet.be

Role in language teaching
: I'm an English teacher in a school in Poperinge (Belgium)

It's very interesting to exchange all kind of exercises (vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, listening...)

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I've been teaching English for about 15 years now.

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Sue Mabbett

Contact information:
E-mail: pls@mabbett.me.uk
URL: http://www.mabbett.me.uk/

Role in language teaching: A teacher of English, French and German, I trained in England at Sheffield University. I have taught EFL at home and in Stratford upon Avon in the last three years. My students were from Russia, France and Italy. I am offering tailor-made courses for one or two students. I can accommodate up to two people in my own home.

The courses I am offering you centre on Communication skills and pronunciation. I design them to your specific needs. This is quality teaching time, planned to enrich your language skills intensively in a short time.

General description: I suppose you would call my methods total immersion but I have studied the methodology of modern language teaching intensively during my time as a lecturer at Newman College Birmingham and in doing so, came across your group when I attended a very useful conference run by Kent Andersen in Odense, Denmark.
I would like to correspond with any member of the POOLS community. I made friends with Ann Seppanen from Finland and if anyone has her new email address please let me have it as i have lost it and would like to get in touch with her again. Thanks Sue

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I am currently training pilots at Coventry Airport for the new English Language exams. If any of you have any ideas on this they would be most welcome.

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M. A. Humberto Miñoso Machado

Contact information:
E-mail: humberto@sociales.uclv.edu.cu

Role in language teaching: I have been teaching English for more than 25 years. lately I have dedicated my research time to Open Distance Learning, Learning Management Systems administration and English language course design for ODL. Now I am teaching the skill of listening and writing in special English studies at the school of Humanities in the Central University of LAs Villas Cuba.

General description: I like to share experiences on Research on ODL, statistics on courses implemented on MOODLE paltforms.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Distance learning and MOODLE paltforms research experiences

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Raghdah al-madany

Contact information:
E-mail: maddevil4ever@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching: I taught teenagers , I am currently teaching ( Heart Techinicains ) general English.This is my third year in teaching English as a Foreign Langauge. First , I used to teach it as a second langauge to near-native speakers but now I am teaching students who have a very limit background about the English Langauge so it is quite difficult but at the same time an interesting experience to learn things I thought I knew about in the past. Now I have applied to MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics and I am alittle bit scared about the matter of Acadmic Writing and presenting a portflio.
I did a lot of tests like PET,FCE,TKT,IELTS,TOEFL and I did very well on them. I attended TESOL Egypt and TESOL Arabia and I am a memeber in IATEFL for 2008. Nowadays I attended a TEFL which will be done on APRIL 2008, also I am doing an online Course accredited by EUROLINK.
My level of English is ok but I aiming through proficience which I hope I will gain through the ONLINE Course and MA after two years.

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Maria Marcalo

Contact information:
E-mail: marcalomaria@gmail.com
Skype: maria.joao.marcalo

Role in language teaching: I am a Teacher and researcher.
Learner, too.

General description: I teach Portuguese (as mother language) and Portuguese for foreigners.
My field of research is about "theories of language", phonetics, grammar, in general.
I taught Portuguese in East Timor in 2006.
I learn English, French, Spanish and Deutch

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I am interested in on line learning/teaching languages and other matters, special to support teachers from all over the world.

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Leandro Marques

Contact information:
E-mail: ldpm23@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching
: I am considering opening a language school in Brazil, which uses a blend of methods, among which are TBLT and CALL.

General description:I used to have a language school, which is a franchisee in Brazil.
I closed it down about 5 years ago. It was based on the PPP method.
My idea now is to create a school from the very beginning, with a different approach

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I've had over 500 students so I think I'm good at identifying learning styles, student's needs, perspectives, and so on and so forth.

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Ali M Masoud

Contact information:
E-mail:  omdurman60@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching:I am a teacher of Arabic in the USA and a Course developer . I am also a certufied oral proficiency Interview Tester .I am interested in Teacher Training .

General description: I taught English in Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar before moving to USA.
native speaker of Arabic. Trained teachers.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Foreign Lang. Teacher Training

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Mariaan Mazereel

Contact information:
E-mail: mariaan.mazereel@vsop.be  

Role in language teaching: Teacher 3rd grade Secretariate-Languages
English as a foreign Language

General description: A colleague of mine described your website as most useful and full of brilliant ideas and I do want to update my teaching methods, materials,etc.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Any idea is welcome: reading materials, filming expertise, playing sketches,...

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Jimmy Mello

Contact information:
E-mail: Tramon.morante@gmail.com

Role in language teaching: I will be teaching Indonesian college students the English language.

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Ramon Morante

Contact information:
E-mail: ramon.morante@yahoo.com
URL: www.brasilpnl.com.br

Role in language teaching: I am supervising a team of Engliah teachers in an language school.
I have been using NLP, EFT and other technologies for improving my pupils habilities. I am a linguist, and master trainer practitiner in EFT and NLP

General description: I adhere to communicative language teaching.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I was able to teach English to different levels from kindergarten to high school.

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Sadiq Mohammed

Contact information:
E-mail: sadiqssmoh @tahoo.com
Role in language teaching: I am a teacher of language education. i handle all language method courses at both 100 and 300levels.i also teach mother tongue methods. I was also opportuned to be on an action research some years ago sponsored by the World Bank and universal Basic Education in Nigeria. the project teacher was tagged teacher led professional support and mentoring.

A language teacher must employ four things in his class.
1 cooperation.
2 interaction
3 participation
4 competition
teaching must be seen to be an extension of what takes place in the community.

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Khalil Motallebzadeh

Contact information:
E-mail: kmotallebz@gmail.com  

Role in language teaching: I am Khalil Motallebzadeh, an EFL teacher in Iran. At the moment, I teach at English Department of the Islamic Azad University (IAU), Mashhad branch. I am also certified as teacher trainer by British Council since 2007. My research interests are language testing, teacher education, and e-learning. I have published articles in national and international ELT journals.

General description: My philosophy of teaching has always centered on group dynamics and negotiation of / for meaning. I have never tried to prescribe a PPP procedure. In my language teaching and teacher training career, I have tried to help my students and trainees develop autonomy and reflection. This process-procedural syllabus has incorporated a focus on form and meaning as well as considering communication as the main objective of the course. All students and trainees are divided into groups of four to six and assigned a task for each session. I am an observer and a facilitator in most cases, letting learner's creativity work in class. In some sessions learners are explicitly asked to reflect on the their own learning process.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):
language testing and assessment
teacher education and development

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David Mulchrone

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I am an up and coming EFL teacher. I am currently studying the subject and am taking a bridgeTEFL online course. I live in Berlin, Germany and plan to work here as an EFL teacher upon completion of my course.

General description: i have never taught language course, i have been teaching only in my area of expertise, agriculture sciences.

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Demchenko Natalia

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I want to keep my teaching techniques and lessons as fun, informative and interesting as possible. I have many ideas for lesson plans and projects and hope they will be as successful as I expect them to be.

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Arsenio Ndeve

Contact information:
E-mail: ndevegod@yahoo.com

Role in language teaching
: I am a agronomist engineer, MSc candidate in agricultural development at Copenhagen University, actually assistant lecturer at Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique.

My mother tongue is portuguese, i have received many calls to teach portuguese language in the UK even here in Denmark, but i feel that i nedd to learn and share experiences in this Role before taking this task.

General description
: i have never taught language course, i have been teaching only in my area of expertise, agriculture sciences.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I am a beginner in teaching, I have only 3 months.

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Séamis Ó Néill

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching
: teacher/ researcher.
Research interest: teaching Irish (Gaelic) as a second languager

General description
: Currently involved in sending an electronic newsletter to primary schools as a reading resource

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I am interesting in developing resources for second language learning which can be shared via internet technology

Vivian Ng

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk 

Role in language teaching
: I am studying master in education and would like to do some research on web-based learning in English.

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Mrs. Öznur Oklar

Contact information:
E-mail: oklar24@gmail.com

Role in language teaching
: I was teaching english at a two years university last year but now ı am teaching in a college in istanbul. ı teach to 9th grades.and ıalsı ı teach in language school .they are adults.I have been teaching there for 1o months.

General description
I am a teacher for three years.ı had a lot of different students until now.I have EXPERIENCE İN ALL GRADES FROM KİNDER GARDEN

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):

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Dossou-Yovo Omer

Contact information:
E-mail: dycao2000@yahoo.fr

Role in language teaching:  i am a teacher student and i've to start teaching this year.

General description: i'm a new comer in this domaine of teaching

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Arturo Salinas Pasillas

Contact information:
E-mail: rtrsalinas@gmail.com

Website: http://portuguescele.googlepages.com/

Role in language teaching: I am a Portuguese Teacher. I have been teaching Portuguese to Spanish speakers since 2003. So I am really interested in the teaching of close languages.

General description: I am very interested in CALL. So I have been trying to learn how to use the technologies in Language Learning. I began to build a site with interactive excersises for practicing Portuguese as a Foreign Language.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): As I said before I am interested in CALL I am still learning and I would like to try anything new regarding the use of technologies in Language Teaching.

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Ruben Salvador Perez

Contact information:
E-mail: rubensalva@gmail.com

Skype: farodemera

Role in language teaching:  Basque Language teacher
English Language teacher

General description: More info later

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): More information later

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Vivekanand Phadke

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk 

Role in language teaching:  I am a teacher of English teaching undergraduate & post-graduate classes in Fergusson College, Pune.

General description: I am teaching since 1986.
At present I am collecting material for a research project on indianization of CALL programs to make them appealing and relevant to the needs of Indian students.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Level of expertise is low.

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Ivana Prodan

Contact information:
E-mail: ivana@montanense.com
Url: www.montanense.com 

Role in language teaching:  I'm the owner and director of the 'MONTANENSE' school for foreign languages in Split, Croatia.

Even i'm not a EL teacher, i'm always searching for a new resources and new information, new ideas about education.

We have several EL teachers in our school and we are trying to upgrade our services on a daily basis in order to offer our students the best.

That is why we are eager to become a member of POOLS, to learn, to exchange experience, to meet other members of the POOLS community.

We'll for cure encourage all of our teachers to apply as a individual member of POOLS.

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Dhida Riddhabhaya

Contact information:
E-mail: Dhidamarang@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching: I'm Dhida Riddhabhaya, an English Teacher in Thailand. I'm in Faculty of liberal Arts. We teach English as a foreign Language. My university(Rajamangala University of Technology Suvarnabhumi) is near BANGKOK, our Capital. I teach students of Liberal Arts Faculty and technical students.

General description: I've been teachingEnglish for 30 years,19 years in secondary school and 11 years in University. The subjects I always teach are English structure, translation: English into Thai, English for Guides, and Seminar: Roles of English.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Now I'm going to conduct the research on " The assessmemt of Speed Reading afor reading for comprehension" Could you pleaserecommend how to design the research?

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Fred Riley

Contact information:
E-mail: fred DOT riley AT gmail DOT com
URL: http://www.fredriley.org.uk/call/langsite/

Role in language teaching: I worked at the Hull University Language Centre/Institute from 1992-2002, when I was made redundant, involved in developing e-learning software, websites and databases for languages. I was involved in a number of national and EU projects (TELL, ICT4LT, LTSN, EUROCALL and more). During this period I learnt Italian to an advanced level.

From September 2003 I've been working at the University of Nottingham School of Nursing, and regrettably no longer have any direct work connection with languages, though I remain a learner of Italian and in recent years have tried to learn Scots Gaelic (with only middling success). I sporadically maintain a languages links site (www.fredriley.org.uk/call/langsite/) and also administer, in my spare time, the EUROCALL website (www.eurocall-languages.org). At work, I run an e-learning in Nursing site at www.nottingham.ac.uk/nursing/sonet/

General description: I'm primarily a techie with formal IT education, in particular in programming and database development. I've been involved in CAL (as was) since 1992, and developing for the WWW since 1993. My current web expertise lies in website, web applications, and database development, and I'm also involved in the development of Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs) for Nursing (www.nottingham.ac.uk/nursing/sonet/rlos/). I have a little teaching and training experience, but only in IT, not languages.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):

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Jackie Ross

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the pools webmaster ka@sde.dk

Role in language teaching: teacher-working in the uk as a help teacher-teach social studies in the us in colorado have been teaching for 20 years

General description: teacherteacher-working in the uk as a help teacher-teach social studies in the us in colorado have been teaching for 20 years

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): teacher-working in the uk as a help teacher-teach social studies in the us in Colorado have been teaching for 20 years

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Yahia Sabah

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk 

Role in language teaching:  Teacher teach english as second lanaguage

General description:

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Yasar Saginc

Contact information:
E-mail: Orafrikan@hotmail.com 

Role in language teaching:
I am an English teacher in Central African Republic Bangui

General description: Ten years experience

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):

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Anna María Þorkelsdóttir

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I am both a teacher of danish in an elementary school, as well as a teacher student.

General description: As I am a teacher student, I am always learning new methods that all seems very interesting. I have tried some of them in my teaching and I think it is very amusing that the pubils often think they aren't learning anything when they are in my classes. I need though to organise my ideas further and learn which methods suites me best.

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Asu Şahin

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I teach English as a foreign language to adults.

General description: My students are civil servants and they are receiving MA degrees in public administration at the moment.English is an elective course offered by the school to them.

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Vivienne Sales

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I am an Assistant Native English Instructor at Tongjin Middle School in Gimpo City, South Korea.

General description: I supplement the class work with conversation and listening exercises.
Besides teaching EFL, I have been trained in library science and have worked as an academic librarian.

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Neriman Serdaroglu

Contact information:
E-mail: neri2669@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching: I am a teacher of English. I have been teaching english for 12 years at a state school. I teach grade 9 and grade 10

General description:

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Nada Soufi

Contact information:
E-mail: soufi.nada@gmail.com 

Role in language teaching: I am a teacher of English. I have been teaching for 15 years different language courses.

General description: I am interested in the use of computers in the language classroom.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): Computer Assisted Language Learning

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Betty Hill Stadil

Contact information:
E-mail: bes@ots.dk

Role in language teaching:

General description: More information later

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):

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Farhad Tayebipour

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I have been teaching English language for more than ten years. Presently I am teaching English.

General description: I welcome any experience in teaching and learning languages.Depending on the POOOLS community's tradition I will be glad to share my experience as well.

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Kouadio Kouakou Theodore

Contact information:
E-mail: dorge75@yahoo.fr 

Role in language teaching: I'm being trained as a future english teacher and i want to be among experienced people who know the field of teaching to be more efficient for my future students.

General description: Currently i am student at the teachres training school in cote d'ivoire.But i'm also a trainer at american corner in Abidjan in my sparetime i also do some freelance to earn something because it is not easy in developping country like mine.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):For the time being i don't really have experience but i want to get some from the experienced as the others.

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Jens Vermeersch

Contact information:
E-mail: jens.vermeersch@g-o.be

Role in language teaching: None; I am a European project manager for GO! The umbrella organisation of state schools in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium

General description: I am looking for oportunisties to share outcomes of European project with our 900 schools and centres for adult education.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):European project idea.

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Marian de Villanueva

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: I am not a language teacher, but I work for a Federation of Educational Centres so I am interested in spread the information related to the theme among them

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Samantha Vanderford

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching: Academic- teacher educator

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Frida Wahbeh-Jamjoum

Contact information:
E-mail: f.w.jamjoum@utoronto.ca 

Role in language teaching: I am a student at TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), at University of Toronto. I will be graduating this summer and hope to start teaching in September.

General description: I have very limited experience in teaching. However, I will be starting my practucum this summer, and I have volunteered to teach a conversational English class, at UofT's International Student Centre.B

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise):I plan to teach academic English at the post-secondary level, probably at a community college. However, I have not started my teaching yet.

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Miriam Wall

Contact information:
E-mail: WallMiriam@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching: I am Head of the MFL department at North Manchester High School for Girls. We teach French and Spanish.

General description: I have experience and a keen interest in the use of ICT in language teaching especially the use of the IWB

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Gordon Wells

Contact information:
E-mail: Through the webmaster ka@ots.dk

Role in language teaching:

I'm a language teacher with experience in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Scottish Gaelic, Hindi & Urdu, and some Japanese.

As well as teaching I am involved in materials creation, and (through POOLS) developed the dual language "Scottish Island Voices" pack click here to download. This work won a 2007 European Award for Languages. See http://www.cilt.org.uk/eal/guthan.htm

General description: There is a full online CV at www.gordonwells.co.uk

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I'm particularly interested in bilingualism and multilingualism, and would be happy to share ideas and experiences with others with the same interests. When we help someone learn a second/foreign/new language we are in effect promoting bi- or multi-lingualism (unless the aim is to simultaneously expunge the learner's first language...). I'm interested in the relationships that the learner builds between their old and new languages.

I'm also interested in the mediation of language learning and teaching through new technology - digital video, Internet etc. I'm no technical expert, but it seems that you don't really need to be, given how easy the new technology is to use. And that has implications for use in teaching, whether by teachers or learners themselves.

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Ayisha Yolwas

Contact information:
E-mail: ayishasubhi@hotmail.com

Role in language teaching: I am a language teache at the university, and I teach Chinese and Uyghur for different language speaking students. I teach basic Chinese textbook for Uyghur students and elementery speaking and listnign Uyghur language for Chinese.

General description: Chinese is second language of mine, and I understand the difficulties for learning it, especially the four tones and characters. I used to spend my time on the vocabularies and reading field a lot. so I learned fast compare to the other students. And now I encoureged the studentes to learn more words and read a lot.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I am very new for the teaching field and don't have much experience, so I feel struggled. Even I was a student last year, but when I stand in front of the students I forget how to teach them. That's the biggest problem of mine. I would like to get some new teaching methods.

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Sima Ziaei

Contact information: E-mail:  s_ziaei_doc@yahoo.com
Role in language teaching: I'm an English teacher. I teach English to Farsi speaking students.
At the moment I am working to provide Iranian students with some samples of critical thinking.
In fact I want to teach them to read critically. I'm going to involve their own culture in the texts and exercises...

General description: humanistic approach to teaching and learning is one of my distinctive feature among my colleagues...

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): At the moment I welcome any ideas in the realm of critical thinking and reading.
I have read a lot in this field. I gathered a good review of literature for one of Ferdowsi University professors( that was a PAID job, not the NAMED one!).
and I'm at the treshold of deigning a book in this case

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Tariq Zubair

Contact information: E-mail: tariqhull@hotmail.co.uk
Role in language teaching: I am English language teacher, researcher and coordinator for students

General description: I am teaching to the BBA and MBA students. I am teaching to the teachers. I am teaching management courses to the engineers and doctors. I am teaching, english grammar, english conversation class and wrtiting practices. We have all the time a quiz and assingment practices to ceart students to speak in english. I make them so excited on a topic of the students interest that they automaticall speak english. I always give the students a wrting practice of daily life topics and simple topic.

Suggested area for exchange of ideas (and level of expertise): I have completed an ONLINE MBA degree from U.K and create the best POOL ONLINE. I have started research on ONLINE Education and the benefits of ONLINE education. I can provide online suggestions and make online class which is interesting and students of all origins are taking interests in ONLINE learning. I can conclude from my ONLINE research that if the POOL make it easy for the students and get a limited fee then we can earn alot and we can teach alot of students without any difficulty

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Original POOLS Project Members

Listing, by Country and name:


SMO is a constituent campus of the UHI, an HEI integrating 13 major campuses across the Scottish
Highlands and Islands. SMO delivers Further and Higher Education courses to students both from within Scotland and from a wide range of international countries. All education provision is through the medium of Scottish Gaelic, with immersion opportunities for incoming students who do not have a sufficiently robust mastery of the language. SMO has also been a pioneer in utlising web technologies for language learning, being the first UK FE institution to utilise the www and email for provision, starting
in 1992.

Gordon Wells,
Department of Lifelong Learning,
Sabhal Mòr Ostaig,
Teanga, Sleat,
Isle of Skye,

+44 1471 888 000
+44 7879 644984

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Efvet is a unique European-wide professional association, which has been created by and for providers
of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in all European countries. Its mission is to
champion and enrich technical and vocational education and training through transnational co-operation
by building a pan-European network of institutions and practitioners which will
• Promote quality and innovation in Technical and Vocational Education and Training throughout
• Develop collaboration, mutual co-operation and sharing of good practice
• Give colleges a platform of influence in European TVET policy
• Developed with the support of the European Commission and the European Institute of
Education and Social Policy, EFVET is the only transnational organisation of this type for
TVET. Its policy is determined by its member colleges and schools. It collaborates with, but is
independent of all government and funding bodies. Its income is derived from membership subscription, grants and sponsorship.

Frans Schneider
EfVET Central Office,
Rue de la Concorde 60,

+32 2 511 0740

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BBS Technik I

BBS T1 has been teaching languages for a number of years in different classes of further education and 5 years ago started to implement it in vocational training. Two members of staff are responsible for the education of language teachers in our region. The languages are German, English, Spanish and French.
BBS Technik I is an active member of EFVET and has a lot of experience in EU projects : LEONARDOProject
"Active self-directed learner" D/97/1/12003/PI/I.1.1.a/FPI, LINGUA-E-Projekt " Multimedia
dictionary" LE-RP - FI-11/98-00179, COMENIUS "World of Perfume" K-RP-3/98-00222-1, LEONARDOPilotproject
VICET (Videoconferencing in Education and training), LEONARDO "European Middle
Management Training", and CULTURE-Project "EPCD-Net"

Klaus Leonhardt
Franz-Zang-Str. 3-7

+49 621 5044123

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Odense Tekniske Skole

Odense Tekniske Skole is the third largest technical college in Denmark. The college produces educational multimedia; video, software, web pages, distance learning systems, and DVDs

In 1999 the college was awarded "The European Label for Innovative Projects in Language Teaching and Learning". The college staff has coordinated and participated in several EU funded projects, e.g. the Best Practice -Best Language Teaching Methods DK/02/B/LA/111.201.

In the project OTS has the following tasks: Create common core scenarios and storybooks for sound and video recording for the content pools, to develop criteria for language specific scenarios for the content pools, to develop course modules structure, and to develop course modules content. Adapt the Course book, Course content, Course modules. Record sound / video in Danish for country specific and common core content. Transcribe materials recorded in Danish, translate transcribed Danish materials into English. Pilot the course in Danish and offer and promote the course in Denmark.

Ole Bech Kristensen
Allegade 79,
DK5100 Odense
C, Denmark

+45 6312 6510


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Cebanc-Cdea is a group of two companies with 25 years of experience in Educational an Vocational
Training in the areas of: Administration and Management, Trading and Marketing, Cathering and
Hospitality, Computing and Information technology, Media and Desing (Area of Multimedia) and Travel
and Tourism. They have more than 800 young students(from 16th to 23 rd years old) and more than
2000 students in adult education within the four schools. The partner has experience in LINGUA and
COMENIUS PROGRAMES, and is active within the areas if student exchange. Cebanc-Cdea is the
coordinator in IBS project of Leonardo programme.

Paloma Enriquez
Berio 50
San Sebastian



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ITE-CECE: (Confederación Española de Centros de Enseñanza - Spanish Confederation of
Educational Centres) is a Trade Union Association founded in 1977, that gathers a high part of the
Spanish private educational sector of non university level enterprises (certified and non certified by the
Ministry of Education, part funded by the government and totally private), and also some private
Universities. The CECE has as objectives in its Constitution those that make possible to its members
the advantages of belonging to an Association of Enterprises.

Marian de Villanueva
Marqués de
Mondéjar 29-31

+34 91 725 79 09

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Kaunas College

Kaunas College is a rapidly developing and expanding state educational institution qualified for implementing higher non-education studies in Kaunas region and is one of the biggest institutions of such kind in Lithuania. It has over 7000 students who study here under 39 study programs. The college seeks to educate professionals able to meet social and economic requirements of the country, equip study process with modern training technologies via participation in international projects and cooperation with organizations and enterprises. Since 1999 Kaunas college has been participating in Socrates/Erasmus program, promoting students academic mobility and implementing the ECTS. Increasing the number of incoming students is one of the main tasks of internationalization strategy of Kaunas College. In order to realize it not only international study programs should be delivered but also teachers should be ready to work in the international environment.

Jolanta Valiaugiene
Pramones pr. 20

+370 37 75 11 44


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Horizon College

Horizon College delivers education to some 23,000 students in the Sectors of Business, Trade,
Engineering, care and Adult Education. We have a comprehensive Language Core which consists of
representatives of the departments of (foreign) language across the college and whose policies, as
described in the policy plan, are directives for all (foreign) language teachers in the college.
Horizon College prides itself upon being one of the first colleges in Holland where the so-called
language portfolio and application of the levels as described in the European Framework of Common
References are actively applied and embedded in language programmes. Particularly its Dutch for
Foreigners programme.

Frans W van Schaik
Maelsonstraat 24
1624 NP
The Netherlands

+31 229 249300


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Colegiul Universitar de Institutori

Colegiul Universitar de Institutori (The University College for Institutors) is a department of The
University of Pitesti. The college trains primary school teachers and lower secondary school teachers of
Foreign languages (English and French), Physical Education, Music and Arts. The staffs includes
experienced teachers of foreign languages, English and French and teachers of Romanian having a
long and rich experience and expertise in teaching Romanian as a foreign language. Our young
teachers are currently teaching English and French to students of The University Technical College and
studied Romanian as the first or second specialty. The theme is also to be included in the research
activity of the college. We are co-ordinators of a Socrates Grundtvig programme in Adult Education.

Mihai Braslasu
Str. Eroilor 3


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