Re-Store Furniture Recycling Project

Gap-fill exercise (Vocabulary)

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The Re-Store is based in Bornish, South Uist. It’s run by the group Cothrom, with from the European Union. It aims to put old and books to use again.

In the workshop Seumas Macdonald works with old furniture that has been given to the project. He and it. Sometimes he does work to make it stronger.

When he is satisfied that it is good enough and strong enough to be sold again, it is placed in the shop. Seumas is happy to to what work he’s done in whichever they prefer.

There is also a book project in the shop. Avril Campbell is in charge. This offers some and opportunities too.

As well as repairing furniture the project will deliver it to the new ’s home. In offering good quality furniture at a low delivered to your door the Re-Store project has a market in Uist. As it also the amount of we , it can be seen to be providing a community service too.